Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So while writing this headline,"Differences between Fashion and Style", Memories from my Biology class in Secondary school Flashed through my Mind,when we were always asked to compare and differentiate between two cells and organs.
Humour apart,I think someone really needs to come out and point that fashion and style aint the same thing..

fashion is like a breath of fresh air.. A wonderful way of expression... But style is that unique way of expressing our personalities that sets us apart.
Our style can range from not just the way we dress but to other aspect of our lifestyle.

One day,I was chatting with a new friend I just exchanged BB pins with.. While trying to find what we had in common,he said he loved Fashion.. Suddenly,I picked up interest in him. We both then centered our chat on fashion,since the chat was almost down to its fizzle.. We discussed widely and he said he doesn't think anyone has style unless he/she is draped in designer logos and all. I went ahead and told him that designer stuff don't actually defines style.. Thinking hard,I wondered how true this statement reflects on the issue at hand.. "Are you trying to say,an average woman who doesn't have stacks of naira to burn on a pair of christain louboutons can't be stylish.?" I asked.. He replied,"yes naw,that's when u know the girl knows her onions"

Quite frankly,I was dissapointed to note that this was someone who claimed to know fashion. I sighed and ended the chat,knowing in my mind that this was someone who apparently thought he knew Fashion,just cause of the number of Louis vuitton belts in his closet and Gucci shoes in his shoe rack. To most of us,style has turned into something we feel we can't attain because we don't have the money to buy the fabulous things in one of 'em upscale. boutiques. I'm here to say that,that view is wrong.

Funny how designers reflect their personal style in their collections. Salvatore ferragammo for structured pieces,Alexander wang for eccentric pieces,alexander Mcqueen for drama, marc jacobs for quirky pieces,vivienne westwood for theatrical pieces..!! All these are their signature forms in their collection and might as well represent a major part of their individual style.

My style is my escape from reality,its personal, its what makes me unique,its what makes me stand out in the crowd.. I refer to my style as casual chic.. In five words,I'd say my style is edgy,unique,relaxed,artsy and versatile. I also try to fuse in comfortability,due to the hot weather and my tedious schedule as a student.

In addition to the points made earlier,Fashion comes after style,fashion can be bought but style is innate.. According to CoCo chanel,fashion Fades,only style remains the same. Style is knowing who you are. Without style,fashion is useless..! To cut the chase to summary,Fashion is what we wear and Style is how we wear it.
I leave with this question,What is ur style in Five words..??

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