Friday, June 11, 2010



Gone were the days when we thought neutrals like beige,brown,grey and black were the ideal colours.. Banging in comes the 80's trend..NEON.

its an item to turn up the volume of your wardrobe!! celebrities have been known to spot on neon colours on the red carpet and even paint neon colours on their nails.


Either you hate it or love it,Pink,Magenta,LimeGreen or purple.. neon outfits are here to stay. Whether its bold like a dress,jacket,leggings or a splash of colour like a clutch,scarf,or bracelet.


its a tricky trend and goes strictly by rules,such as;

1. do not wear any sparkles,shiny texture or glitter.

2. do keep your neon to a minimum

3. wear with black to be on the safe side

4. wear neon clothing or accessories on where you want to attract attention,e.g.bust,hips,etc

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