Monday, June 14, 2010


Leggings have been in the fashion scene,right from the 80's,when it was always paired with lycra mini skirts. Now it has made a comeback,only better...WILD PATTERNED LEGGINGS.

we have seen models strut down the runway in leggings with different patterns,prints,and even metallics,now even our fave celebs are rocking them casually,musical videos,parties and even on the red carpet.
Rihanna and Nicki minaj in Alexander McQueen geometric print leggings.

they are in bold stripes,graphic patterns,florals,water colour splashes,animal prints and so many more.they are comfortable and a whole new way to push the envelope,express your fearlessness and have fun with fashion.

studs,funky pattern and tribal print.

watercolour prints.



1. always endeavour to wear a shirt long enough to cover ur bum slightly,love handles and other imperfections.

2. they are playful,so u can always mix with something corporate such as a shirt,boyfriend shirt and even a blazer.

3. never pull off a patterned legings with a print or floral top,always go for a solid colour top.

4. wear with heels to elongate legs.

5. it tightens your body and shows off your curves,wear spandex if you must hide all negative features.


the advantage of patterned leggings are that you can dress it up or go casual,all the way with it. they are versatile and very comfortable.

its a good way of adding more oomph to your wardrobe.


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