Friday, July 2, 2010


A new week,new expectations.. i also wish you a successful week..
last week,while going through the web,i saw beautiful pictures of a collection.. breathtaking collection,beautiful pictures.
i sent the designer an email and she replied with more pictures and a broader view on her collection.

Her name is jennifer levenston,who designs under the name,"PRODIGA".
she said the word,"prodiga" stands for "lavish" in italian,which is exactly how she wants her clothing line to reflect,but with the ability to be worn in everyday life.
the collection is made of beautiful fabrics to generate stunning garments with a high practicality element.

Prodiga's clothing range has been borne out of societal change. soaring numbers of women in high powered jobs has led to the increase in the demand for high quality fashionable work attire.

beautiful designs.. the mix of vintage fabrics such as laces,alongside ruffled elements make the clothes exquiste.

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joshua said...

The items look stunning! Can't wait till they hit the shops.