Wednesday, August 4, 2010


C-c-can yo-ou fee-fee-feel my ha-heart is beating??
This is the lyrics to the song,"HEARTBEAT" by Nigerian-born,German-based artist,Nneka.. my fave song,at the moment..! Heard her album,Concrete Jungle is really good.. but i havent actually listened to all the songs,except Heartbeat.

I can remember the first day i saw her on stage,go to take an award.. i actually cringe and hoped to style her one day.. but now that i have amassed great knowledge in fashion and style.. i must confess that Nneka's style sure rocks.

Her style isnt like that of every regular girl.. she is more of an eccentric,wearing mismatched clothes and never looked like she made an effort to dress up.

She looks like she never cares about dress codes and has been known to wear an hoodie to collect an award.

She wears what she wants..and is not afraid of the attention it might draw to her.
her personal style rocks..and her hair is da bomb.
golly gosh,i'd still love to style her.!
*dreamy eyes*


elleandco said...

Love her style and specially her music !!!

Bibi said...

we could be bestfriends cuz of this post! lol! i always love originality n nneka reeks of it. sometimes i grow tired of seeing everyone look the same way.