Thursday, January 27, 2011


Happy New Year,everyone.
I haven't been able to blog because I was either so lazy or busy in school..

Anyways,i am BACK..!!!
New year... New fashion resolutions and i am finally proud to say this... I AM SO ROCKING MY NATURAL T.W.A...!!
for those who don't know what "T.W.A' means.. it means "TWEENY WEENY AFRO".
I had the big chop,August 2010.. meaning my hair is 6 months old.

I dyed it Brownish Red..!! plenty amazing blogs have tips on how to maintain natural hair and it has helped me thus far.

I can't wait for my hair to be like this..!! *light chuckle*

I have been in love with Turbans for ages.
i blogged about it eons ago.. click this link---->>Trend alert- Turbans
recently I discovered Natural belle's blog and her blog is amazing for tips on natural hair.
she posted a video on how to tie a "june ambrose inspired turban" and i finally learnt.

For days when i would love to wrap up my TWA or add an instant "WOW' to my outfit..
I always reach for a turban or fedora.
its classy and stylish..!

turban- mother's scarf

turban- african print fabric
ring- random
I have so many scarves and fabrics now,after raiding my mother's closet. *Laughs*
Wowzers... its late already..!! school tommorow.
Gotta Go..!!


Chic Therapy said...

loves the turban look on you.I'd look silly if i tried it on

Sing said...

Love the shape of your TWA and the turban looks great on you. I agree, moisture is truly key.

Raya said...

love those turbans:))

Courtney Erin said...

I love the turban on you - sometimes I think they look hard to wear but you are totally rocking it!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Jessica Mura said...

this look is perfect for you darling :) Thanks so much for your comment, already follow each other ? :D

Emilie said...

wow turbans look incredible on you :) and I really like your hair like that!! Thanks for teaching me a new abbreviation: from now on I'll know what TWA means haha :p


Leigh said...

i love turbans also! they look really great on you :)

Mbabazi said...
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Mbabazi said...

love the blog. im going natural for the second time this year.cant wait. love the turbans . check out my post on tht. Im gonna try that kind in the second pic soon.

Nyachomba said...

Just discovered your it. Rocked a turban to work today and my what a scene it caused hehehe. Nice to see fellow African Naturals.