Saturday, February 12, 2011


Its amazing to say that my father had a major influence in my love for vintage. He has a closet full of vintage clothes.. Most of them have suffered wear and tear over the years and some are still in perfect condition.

While going through the almighty closet.. I came across old pictures of my father and his friends. Everyone knows I am In love with the 70’s trend and have chosen it as my favorite fashion era.. so I  picked out pictures that was taken in the 70’s.

the date stamp on one of the pictures. 5TH JULY 1977

Fashion they say is universal.. now I couldn’t agree more. The pictures were taken in a small town in Anambra state, Nigeria. Onitsha, to be precise. And yet I noticed that the outfits were similar to the outfit regarded under the 70’s trend. If you thought Africans wore leaves as loin clothes.. you are about to be surprised. :D


This is my father… I must confess, I am pretty proud of this picture. He looks so stylish and handsome. I love his checkered shirt and flared pants. If you are familiar with the 70’s trend.. you will know that flared pants and bell Bottoms rocked.
Notice his teensy weensy afro.?? J

This is my father and best friend.. My father is the dude on the left. Oh my.. He looks so young in this picture. Notice their flared pants and crisp shirts? Probably ironed with a charcoal iron. LMFAO..!!

This is my father’s friend. I love his little Polaroid camera hanging from his neck. I have a thing for fedoras. It’s amazing to see a man rocking fedora in the 70’s

Well.. I have no idea who this lady is. She is probably my dad’s friend and a transfer student to Anambra. Her aso-oke outfit gives her away that she is from the western part of Nigeria. A Yoruba woman.



This is my favorite picture of them all. I love her outfit. The Midi skirt is so IN. CHECK OUT THE PICTURE OF A MODEL WEARING A MIDI SKIRT.! I have always wanted to pull off something like this, but I am afraid that it will cut me into two, since I am petite. Can you see her brooch and chunky heels? Uber-fabulous.

This picture leaves me wondering.. Flared pants with a suit? So funky! My aunt is the lady in the middle. I love her maxi dress. I love her afro too and the way she pulled it back with a hair band. So natural.


Okay.. Okay.. This is me.!! Little miss fashion phoenix. Ohmygosh.!! That hair..!! forgive my bad hair day.. I was born with natural dreadlocks. Something called “Dada” in the local parlance. My father got me that dress as soon as I could walk. Apparently he was going for the ballerina look. He sure nailed it with my dress.

This picture was posted on twitter and fashion lovers were asked to guess who it was..
I replied saying.. "Stefano Gabbana".!! Alas.. i was wrong.!
Guess who it is..???????
It is...
It is.......
It is..........


Apparently,This is a picture taken in 1981 and he used it as F/W 2011 fashion show invitation.



Yasmeen Fahmy said...

I love the fourth photo :) Seems like he was a very stylish man to me!

Castle Fashion

Bibi said...

this post is a fave! fashion keeps coming back (cyclical) and for fashion week the 70's style is ruling the runway so far!

Courtney Erin said...

These images are so amazing - thanks for sharing!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I love these shots :D So cool :)

agnes said...

elles sont magnifiques toutes ces photos, superbes.....

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

Thanks y'all for your beautiful comments!
Fashion Phoenix.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

jamie-lee said...

Your dad was one stylish man!

Anna said...

Very beautiful pictures! xx

TOPCOAT said...

Vintage photos never fail to impress, xx

Chic Therapy said...

loves all the pictures!Lol @ your hair

Karoline Kalvø said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, dear.

Love your blog as well. Now following. Look forward to hearing and seeing more of you.

Love, always.
Karoline Kalvo

Sofie said...

Ooh super gorgeous photos, I really like them! :-) And nice blog btw!


The Corner Shop said...

Oooh, your folks were real fashionistas. It's so cool finding old photos of family- i usually have a good laugh when i do lol