Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I hate it when I go through my drafts and realize that there are some posts I actually forgot to publish. I posted pictures from the Austrian lace fashion show and forgot to post what I wore.
MOOFA is a fashion brand I have grown to respect. They have taken Denim, fused it with traditional Damask to create designs which gives off an afrocentric vibe with a modern twist.
The New collection, “Denim Deluxe” was all kinds of amazing. Imagine my excitement when I was asked to pick any piece from the collection. “whhaaazzaaattt”, I screamed and hurriedly scanned through the collection for a design that interprets my style.

Recently, I am obsessed with shorts and playsuits. Blame it on my petite frame. I picked this playsuit and it is gorgeous, giving me a simple silhouette.
The denim playsuit features a playful combination of colorful damask stripes onto a pink lace underlay.

*now singing* I whip my hair back…

And forth…!!


The Designer,Olayinka Fashola

Blk42,kosofe street,dolphin estate,ikoyi

PHOTO CREDIT;- Peter Bello


In my opinion, Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti has gotta be the most powerful Fashion combination ever. Both have joined hands to push Fashion to the extreme.
I love Lady Gaga, even though her songs have been considered ridiculous and downright off-point. I Love her still. Nicola Formichetti is a Fashion Icon after my own heart even though he blocked me on twitter. *sniffs*
I saw pictures of a fashion magazine, Madame Figaro and Lady Gaga was on the cover page.,shot by Mariano Vivanco. I love the looks, even though we are all used to the outrageous “in-your-face” outfits, I find myself more intrigued about the designers of each piece she puts on. “WORK OF ART”, I must add. I found out Erikson Beamon is a fabulous accessory designer after Lady Gaga wore his pieces in her video.

Outfit by Irina Shaposhnikova. 
Sunglasses by Mercura

Outfit by Mugler 
shoes by Noritaka Tatehana

Nicola is doing a wonderful job maintaining that image, Lady Gaga wants to portray through his fashion choices for her.
*drops microphone, walks off stage, singing “born this way*

Monday, May 30, 2011


I have never been a fan of the 90’s fashion.. I am all for the 70’s fashion which I call the “comfortable fashion” era.
Am I the only one who rolls out of bed, combine 2 pieces and head on out the door? Am I the only one who wakes up one morning and wears whatever I see and don’t give a hoot about being fashionable?
Sometimes, I can’t be bothered about looking stylish every day! I am no Victoria beckham... I just wanna wear anything, go out and have fun.
Sometimes, I wear my jallabiyya (tunic) and a hairnet and head on out to get something outside the gate... It doesn’t mean I aint stylish... it’s just my “OFF” day, I assume. School outfits are another story entirely. I just wear t-shirts to conform with the school environment, although I tend to add something to personalize the outfit, e.g. brooches or turbans.
Anyways, I put this outfit together to pay salute to the 90’s fashion. Quite comfortable, I must add and getting my best friend to tell me I have an amazingly hot body aint working. *sulks*
A combination of a crop top, harem pants and converses will get me a pass mark in the 90’s. I was going for the sexy tomboy look; don’t know if I hit the spot.
I can’t be bothered if it isn’t stylish in this era... It’s my “OFF” day, ANYTHING GOES.

T-SHIRT;- Random
FOOTWEAR;- Chuck Taylor abi Converses.. anyone mehn..! LOL

It’s the month of June soon and it is gonna be the “STYLE” month, right here on Fashion Phoenix. I will be featuring designers, models, and fashionable youths who will be guest blogging and putting up pictures of themselves and notes on their style.

We, Bloggers shall take a seat and be wowed by the style of the people outside blogsville. J

Wanna guest blog on your style? Do send me an email with pictures and a description of your style and what you love in your wardrobe to onyinyefafiobi@yahoo.com


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello everyone,
I don’t post events up on this blog, but I couldn’t ignore these fabulous fashion events. Aimed at bringing fashion forward people together at a venue, the events are all holding down in Lagos, Nigeria. So if you are in Lagos at that particular time or live in Lagos, do pop in for a fashion fun-filled day.


DATE; - June 11th 2011
VENUE; - de Marquee, mega plaza.
TIME; - 7pm prompt
CONTACT; - Noble (nobs@360nobs.com) to get on the guest list


A fashion, Art and Photography fashion Fair.

DATE; - June 16th 2011
TIME; - 3pm prompt
VENUE; - Ember Creek, awolowo road, ikoyi


DATE; - June 12th 2011
TIME; - 11am-5pm
VENUE; - NO24b abayomi shonuga cresent, lekki phase 1
It’s a vintage swap fair, where you drop off fabulous vintage clothes (minimum of 5) with one of the reps before the swap date.
Swapping is FREE and there will also be a vintage stand where vintage & vintage inspired pieces shall be sold.
All items left behind shall be donated to charity

If I am not swamped with school test, assignments and what-nots... I will be there. Don’t hesitate to say hello when you see me. J

Hugs and kisses,
Fashion phoenix


I will be adding a new segment to my blog called “The Stylist’s Chronicles”. I will be giving tidbits and gist from the shoots and what-nots to guide upcoming stylists and fashion enthusiasts interested in knowing what goes down behind the scenes at shoots.

Every time I see a camera, I get picture happy. I can’t explain the happiness I feel when posing and leaving the photographer to do his magic.
Last Week, we had a shoot at the mango store. It was on a weekend and it wasn’t clashing with my school schedule, so I decided to dash out and have that dose of fashion adrenaline.

In between the model’s outfit changes and ogling the cute miniature Scarlett Johansson AD campaign pictures, I will pose and get a shot done till the head stylist says, “Focus, Onyinye”. It was fun shooting at the store. We didn’t have to worry about sizes and accessories. They had every thing there in different sizes.

Enjoy the pictures. J

T-shirt; - err… I don’t know! To lazy to go check. X_X
Shorts; - H&M
Turban;- Ankara Material
Belt: - Vintage
Sling bag; - Random
Me striking a pose while the team are working... hahaha!

Whenever I am at shoots, I really want to be comfortable so I wear things that aren’t fussy or too tight.
Sometimes, stylists doubles as the photographer’s assistant,if he doesn’t have any. Carrying the reflector and moving the camera lights becomes your headache too.

The Team;-
Head Stylist; - Bolaji
Make-up Artist; - kazeem
Hair stylist: - Ola

Ola and I. J



Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This is the first video uploaded on this blog and I am a bit excited because I have waited for it for so long. This is a fashion film titled “MY VERSATILE STYLE”. The awesome brain behind the fashion film is Bukola Are of the fashion brand, House of Versatile Styles.
Shot in Atlanta, Georgia and shot by Corey Reese, I am impressed with the simplicity and non-complex story line. Featuring 3 different pieces from the HVS 2 collection, The Model, Adrienne Knight is a stunner.
The HVS Neckpiece featured in one of the scenes... ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS…!!!!




My Versatile style is Quirky… what’s yours? J

MODEL; - Adrienne knight
STYLIST/ART DIRECTION; - Bukola Are ( @versatilestyle )
MAKEUP/HAIR; - Nrala Janvier


Yippee!! The Fabulous Daks of www.thirdworldprofashional.com tagged me in her “what’s in your bag” game. *dancing the migraine skank*
I have mentioned in this blog that I don’t carry totes or big ass bags anymore because I feel it slows down my pace.
I carry portable sling bags and I have tons of them. Maybe I am in the “sling bag” phase and would snap outta it with Age.

It is my favorite sling bag and it was a gift from my friend. Its my “ride or die” chick and I carry it everywhere.

(WARNING;- very boring contents. J )


*BANGLES; - I always wondered why I carry this with me everywhere I go. Doesn’t mean I aint stacking some on my wrist.

*GUCCI PURSE; - I put my medical cards, ATM cards and people’s business cards, but never money. The Igbo spirit in me always kicks in to remind me that if my purse is stolen, that one is final. *Igbo shrug*

*ABONIKI BALM; - the foreign readers and posh Nigerian readers might not know this balm. but it’s effective like salt on a worm. I always have pains in my legs, especially after working so hard at a shoot or after a long day in school. After using silly-ass balms and popping pills, my friend introduced me to it and it works like magic. J

*NOTEPAD AND PEN;- To jot down inspiration or shoot themes that pop into my head. It also comes in handy at shoots, especially when I have to jot down looks and their numbers.

*LIPGLOSSES;- My fave lipglosses,H&M “nude” lip-gloss and Sleek “pink Cadillac” lip-gloss to touch up when I am on the go.

 *EYELINER;- I am naked without my eyeliner. It is the most essential part of my make-up routine. Even Carine Roitfeld doesn’t have a thing on me on the kohl game.

*SUNGLASSES;- sunny days can be tough on the eyes. 

*BOX OF PINS;- I am a fashion stylist.. Blame me not. J

*TISSUE PAPER;- my hatred for handkerchief knows no bound. I have embraced tissue paper as my best friend. I carry it around to wipe off sweat during a hot day and clean dirty surface

*BLACKBERRY;- Lest I forget, my Blackberry. The love of my life..! I go nowhere without it. Y’all cant see it because I used it to take the pictures. *smh*

The Rule is to pass the game on to your favourite bloggers.. i hate rules and y'all are my favourites,so please do so and tag me. especially mbabazi. and Adiya. girls,i wanna see what's in your bag..!! :D


Monday, May 23, 2011


It’s amazing that I have always wanted to feature a fashion stylist/consultant on this blog, and I am glad to present to you the awesome awesomeness of Ibilola Sotire,Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe consultant.


*Fashion phoenix:- Tell us about yourself.

My name is Ibilola Sotire (a.k.a Ibby). A graduate in media communication, with project management qualifications and personal styling. I’m a style addict, I love fashion, always have, always will.

*Fashion phoenix:- when and how did you get into fashion styling/wardrobe consulting?

I got into Fashion styling about three years ago, after all the devise career changes, I decided to make a change and pursue my true passion “style and fashion”. I trained as an image consultant but decided to specialise in “appearance and personal styling” because I believed that was my strength, and what I see myself doing day in, day out.

*Fashion phoenix:- what was your first styling? How challenging was It.?

My first styling professionally was during my mock at the training programme. I was styling real people with various requirements, not my usual friends and close family members, who I can boss around to where whatever I chose. I had to style a couple going on honey moon for 10days. Based on a tight budget, their body shapes, personalities and lifestyles and boost their confidence in trying new things which they would normally not wear.

*Fashion phoenix:- where do you draw inspiration when planning a shoot?

As an appearance and personal styling consultant, I have a fulfilling task of putting together new and fresh outfits for my clients. I sometimes use what they already have hanging in their wardrobes or may go and shop for new pieces to fill the wardrobe gaps. Either way, I am entrusted with creating looks that my clients will love and actually wear. The look must reflect my clients tastes, lifestyle, personalities and be something that they comfortable wearing on a regular basis.
I find myself drawing new ideas and inspiration in my Fashion styling on a weekly, if not on a daily basis. Everything I do is about the creative process, and I get inspiration from sources that surround me. Fashion makes a statement always, and my sources of inspiration aid me greatly in creating positive ...not 
negative...fashion statements for my clients.

*Fashion phoenix:- A person is styled according to Body type, how did you train that uncanny ability to style someone, based on their body type?

We all have different body shapes and flaws which we don’t exactly like to flaunt. As a trained stylist, I understand the individual body shapes and style my clients in patterns, materials and colours which compliment their best assets and hide the flaws.

*Fashion phoenix:- what is your favourite fashion Era?

It would have to be the classic 50s’. The era of the high heels, pencil skirt, shape and volume.

*Fashion phoenix:- if you were to be a fashion icon in that era, which would you choose?

I would love to be Audrey Hepburn. She was an epitome of minimal chic style with her excellent fashion choices. Her trends are still followed today; talk of the large black sunglasses, pearls, every stylish lady keeps her LBD (the little black dress) in her wardrobe for an elegant occasion.

*Fashion phoenix:- what’s the biggest obstacle you faced by choosing to be a Fashion Stylist/Wardrobe consultant?

 Acceptance in the Nigerian Fashion industry,  where people still don’t understand the need of the assistance of a personal stylist.

*Fashion phoenix:- They say a stylist's work isn't done, till every piece used in a shoot is returned! Do you share the same belief?


*Fashion phoenix:- what word of advice do you have to say to upcoming stylists/Wardrobe consultants?

I am an upcoming Fashion Stylist myself, I would say determination is the key and to always have uniqueness in what you do. The Fashion industry is a rather competitive one.



Terence Sambo , Nigeria's topmost pro-blogger has carved a way for other fashion bloggers,turning his blogging hobby into businesses. Sitting comfortably with fellow Bloggers with T-shirts to their brand,Tavi and Necole Bitchie, he releases his own Limited Edition T-shirts for both men and women designed by him in collaboration with Nigerian menswear label, Homegrown.
The tees in the collection feature the signature One Nigerian Boy font mixed in vibrant summery colors on black, white, blue and brown tees. This marks the first in the series of collaborations planned by the budding Nigerian creative.

With 50 pieces, It Retails for N4,500.
Call 08032113349 or email askterence@gmail.com to order. (Nigeria, Ghana only)
I look forward to more spunky designs,colour and witty words in the next batch.

Model: Patrick Eledu
Photography & Styling: Terence Sambo

Friday, May 20, 2011


It’s surprising that I haven’t put this look book up on my blog. Just seen that it has been in my draft like forever and I forgot I didn’t click the “PUBLISH POST” button. L
(NOTE;- there are more look books and private shoots in my draft. *sighs*)

The pictures look amazing but the stress experienced by the photographer, makeup artist, models and even the designer is a story for another day.
Shot in the heart of Lagos Island, shuttling between the roof of the topmost building and the street, ignoring the stares of Lagosians who won’t keep walking and mind their business, then settling the “omo-ile” (owners of the land) who kept pestering us for money. IT WAS INDEED AN EXPERIENCE..!!!
Marayah O, a fashion brand owned by Bola Yinka-Obebe released the recent collection, “STREETSTYLE ALPHA”. With wearable and versatile pieces, I had to impose on myself as the stylist and pair the individual pieces  in order to embody a modern, fashion forward woman, just like the designer wanted.
From the streets of Lagos, right to your doorstep.. I PRESENT “STREETSTYLE ALPHA”.