Monday, May 30, 2011


I have never been a fan of the 90’s fashion.. I am all for the 70’s fashion which I call the “comfortable fashion” era.
Am I the only one who rolls out of bed, combine 2 pieces and head on out the door? Am I the only one who wakes up one morning and wears whatever I see and don’t give a hoot about being fashionable?
Sometimes, I can’t be bothered about looking stylish every day! I am no Victoria beckham... I just wanna wear anything, go out and have fun.
Sometimes, I wear my jallabiyya (tunic) and a hairnet and head on out to get something outside the gate... It doesn’t mean I aint stylish... it’s just my “OFF” day, I assume. School outfits are another story entirely. I just wear t-shirts to conform with the school environment, although I tend to add something to personalize the outfit, e.g. brooches or turbans.
Anyways, I put this outfit together to pay salute to the 90’s fashion. Quite comfortable, I must add and getting my best friend to tell me I have an amazingly hot body aint working. *sulks*
A combination of a crop top, harem pants and converses will get me a pass mark in the 90’s. I was going for the sexy tomboy look; don’t know if I hit the spot.
I can’t be bothered if it isn’t stylish in this era... It’s my “OFF” day, ANYTHING GOES.

T-SHIRT;- Random
FOOTWEAR;- Chuck Taylor abi Converses.. anyone mehn..! LOL

It’s the month of June soon and it is gonna be the “STYLE” month, right here on Fashion Phoenix. I will be featuring designers, models, and fashionable youths who will be guest blogging and putting up pictures of themselves and notes on their style.

We, Bloggers shall take a seat and be wowed by the style of the people outside blogsville. J

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Boma said...

Like you said, the "I don't give a s**t" look, but you pulled it off, and you look great!

Precious said...

I like it! You definitely pulled it off. It's the carefree look I enjoy, better to be unique than to follow all the crowds!

ShayShay... said...

Loooooool! "chuck taylors abi converses".

Heheh lovely outfit!!!!


Kembi Lade said...

I love came out really good. I love the pant in particular.

chi chi said...

u alredy sed u dont care how it looks, or i wud hav sed, har(l)em pants neva did any1 anygood, includin u. Btw, ar u bak wit d afro? Suits u sha.

Mbabazi said...

i like this, how come you can get away with midriff showing during day in lagos..jealous much

Mirror of Fashion said...

Oh how I love All Stars. I could wear them every single day. This blue colour is great!

The Corner Shop said...

This totally works! You look great babe



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