Thursday, May 26, 2011


I will be adding a new segment to my blog called “The Stylist’s Chronicles”. I will be giving tidbits and gist from the shoots and what-nots to guide upcoming stylists and fashion enthusiasts interested in knowing what goes down behind the scenes at shoots.

Every time I see a camera, I get picture happy. I can’t explain the happiness I feel when posing and leaving the photographer to do his magic.
Last Week, we had a shoot at the mango store. It was on a weekend and it wasn’t clashing with my school schedule, so I decided to dash out and have that dose of fashion adrenaline.

In between the model’s outfit changes and ogling the cute miniature Scarlett Johansson AD campaign pictures, I will pose and get a shot done till the head stylist says, “Focus, Onyinye”. It was fun shooting at the store. We didn’t have to worry about sizes and accessories. They had every thing there in different sizes.

Enjoy the pictures. J

T-shirt; - err… I don’t know! To lazy to go check. X_X
Shorts; - H&M
Turban;- Ankara Material
Belt: - Vintage
Sling bag; - Random
Me striking a pose while the team are working... hahaha!

Whenever I am at shoots, I really want to be comfortable so I wear things that aren’t fussy or too tight.
Sometimes, stylists doubles as the photographer’s assistant,if he doesn’t have any. Carrying the reflector and moving the camera lights becomes your headache too.

The Team;-
Head Stylist; - Bolaji
Make-up Artist; - kazeem
Hair stylist: - Ola

Ola and I. J




Dominique W. said...

Looks great and like fun!

Precious said...

Haha, you are so colorful, love the outfit!

LADY D said...

great style beautiful turban i love

Vivi said...

Very cute, laid back outfit. That is such a cute purse.

neks2U said...

Love love love! This outfit is too cute! LOL @ the team working in the back.

Like Mousse Au Choco said...

cool shoot, awesome with the turban and this yellow pop

ShayShay... said...

I lovvve your shorts and turban!

And the little ankle beads! Luurrrv...

Haha the times to take pictures are when you're supposed to be working right?


Southerners from the North said...

great outfit and beautiful turban. Its so nice to see a blogger living in nigeria! love your blog. now following :)

Dee O. said...

You look cute! I love the way you tied your turban :)


Mbabazi said...

love the simplicity of the look. nice.looks like much fun

Chic Therapy said...

loves this look

lolita said...

this is such a cool awesome look i love everything about it x

The Corner Shop said...

Yay! Looking forward to more of this series :D

Lol at you and the posing hehe