Monday, May 23, 2011


It’s amazing that I have always wanted to feature a fashion stylist/consultant on this blog, and I am glad to present to you the awesome awesomeness of Ibilola Sotire,Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe consultant.


*Fashion phoenix:- Tell us about yourself.

My name is Ibilola Sotire (a.k.a Ibby). A graduate in media communication, with project management qualifications and personal styling. I’m a style addict, I love fashion, always have, always will.

*Fashion phoenix:- when and how did you get into fashion styling/wardrobe consulting?

I got into Fashion styling about three years ago, after all the devise career changes, I decided to make a change and pursue my true passion “style and fashion”. I trained as an image consultant but decided to specialise in “appearance and personal styling” because I believed that was my strength, and what I see myself doing day in, day out.

*Fashion phoenix:- what was your first styling? How challenging was It.?

My first styling professionally was during my mock at the training programme. I was styling real people with various requirements, not my usual friends and close family members, who I can boss around to where whatever I chose. I had to style a couple going on honey moon for 10days. Based on a tight budget, their body shapes, personalities and lifestyles and boost their confidence in trying new things which they would normally not wear.

*Fashion phoenix:- where do you draw inspiration when planning a shoot?

As an appearance and personal styling consultant, I have a fulfilling task of putting together new and fresh outfits for my clients. I sometimes use what they already have hanging in their wardrobes or may go and shop for new pieces to fill the wardrobe gaps. Either way, I am entrusted with creating looks that my clients will love and actually wear. The look must reflect my clients tastes, lifestyle, personalities and be something that they comfortable wearing on a regular basis.
I find myself drawing new ideas and inspiration in my Fashion styling on a weekly, if not on a daily basis. Everything I do is about the creative process, and I get inspiration from sources that surround me. Fashion makes a statement always, and my sources of inspiration aid me greatly in creating positive ...not statements for my clients.

*Fashion phoenix:- A person is styled according to Body type, how did you train that uncanny ability to style someone, based on their body type?

We all have different body shapes and flaws which we don’t exactly like to flaunt. As a trained stylist, I understand the individual body shapes and style my clients in patterns, materials and colours which compliment their best assets and hide the flaws.

*Fashion phoenix:- what is your favourite fashion Era?

It would have to be the classic 50s’. The era of the high heels, pencil skirt, shape and volume.

*Fashion phoenix:- if you were to be a fashion icon in that era, which would you choose?

I would love to be Audrey Hepburn. She was an epitome of minimal chic style with her excellent fashion choices. Her trends are still followed today; talk of the large black sunglasses, pearls, every stylish lady keeps her LBD (the little black dress) in her wardrobe for an elegant occasion.

*Fashion phoenix:- what’s the biggest obstacle you faced by choosing to be a Fashion Stylist/Wardrobe consultant?

 Acceptance in the Nigerian Fashion industry,  where people still don’t understand the need of the assistance of a personal stylist.

*Fashion phoenix:- They say a stylist's work isn't done, till every piece used in a shoot is returned! Do you share the same belief?


*Fashion phoenix:- what word of advice do you have to say to upcoming stylists/Wardrobe consultants?

I am an upcoming Fashion Stylist myself, I would say determination is the key and to always have uniqueness in what you do. The Fashion industry is a rather competitive one.



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This is a great post- just for me. I read every part of it. Thanks for sharing!


Chizy K said...

the last 2 sets of pics are so for me ... lovely post n nice blog btw

Chic Therapy said...

love the guy in the red pants, love Ibby'r blazer outfit!! great job!

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