Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yippee!! The Fabulous Daks of tagged me in her “what’s in your bag” game. *dancing the migraine skank*
I have mentioned in this blog that I don’t carry totes or big ass bags anymore because I feel it slows down my pace.
I carry portable sling bags and I have tons of them. Maybe I am in the “sling bag” phase and would snap outta it with Age.

It is my favorite sling bag and it was a gift from my friend. Its my “ride or die” chick and I carry it everywhere.

(WARNING;- very boring contents. J )


*BANGLES; - I always wondered why I carry this with me everywhere I go. Doesn’t mean I aint stacking some on my wrist.

*GUCCI PURSE; - I put my medical cards, ATM cards and people’s business cards, but never money. The Igbo spirit in me always kicks in to remind me that if my purse is stolen, that one is final. *Igbo shrug*

*ABONIKI BALM; - the foreign readers and posh Nigerian readers might not know this balm. but it’s effective like salt on a worm. I always have pains in my legs, especially after working so hard at a shoot or after a long day in school. After using silly-ass balms and popping pills, my friend introduced me to it and it works like magic. J

*NOTEPAD AND PEN;- To jot down inspiration or shoot themes that pop into my head. It also comes in handy at shoots, especially when I have to jot down looks and their numbers.

*LIPGLOSSES;- My fave lipglosses,H&M “nude” lip-gloss and Sleek “pink Cadillac” lip-gloss to touch up when I am on the go.

 *EYELINER;- I am naked without my eyeliner. It is the most essential part of my make-up routine. Even Carine Roitfeld doesn’t have a thing on me on the kohl game.

*SUNGLASSES;- sunny days can be tough on the eyes. 

*BOX OF PINS;- I am a fashion stylist.. Blame me not. J

*TISSUE PAPER;- my hatred for handkerchief knows no bound. I have embraced tissue paper as my best friend. I carry it around to wipe off sweat during a hot day and clean dirty surface

*BLACKBERRY;- Lest I forget, my Blackberry. The love of my life..! I go nowhere without it. Y’all cant see it because I used it to take the pictures. *smh*

The Rule is to pass the game on to your favourite bloggers.. i hate rules and y'all are my favourites,so please do so and tag me. especially mbabazi. and Adiya. girls,i wanna see what's in your bag..!! :D



Chic Therapy said...

Aboniki is the business!

Dominique W. said...

I'm gonna do a post like this too :-) Mine will be boring LOL :-) Great post!

Mbabazi said...

Thanks for the tag Fafi. Im gonna do mine tomorrow, when do we get to exchange bags, i love your sling purse.
Jackie O shades. nice

faithful said...

HA HA HA. OMG! I need to comment on this soo badly. So i saw aboniki and, double lol'd. The other day when my knees were hurting I put some "Loco" on them (the stronger version of aboniki). Kmt, the thing was stinging like no mans business! Even after a washed it off, I literally couldn't sleep. After about 2/3 days it wore off, but me knee were still hurting a bit so I tried "ROBB" (the weaker version of aboniki), and could feel a thing...well ofcourse not, mum uses robb as lip balm, lol!!!!Anyway, I called my mum and told her this, and I was like i need some ABONIKI...looool

Well sorry for the rant, but it was just so ironic to see it in your purse! Lovely blog and cute style


Yankeenaijababe said...

Girl I never heard of Aboniki, sounds like something that works great,even the name. I love your bag, very chic and modern, also your h& M gloss. Blackberry sister...Hope your week is going great.

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

@faithful your comment is so funny. Yes.. I don't mess with my aboniki. Loco?? Sounds like its better than aboniki. I need to get myself some of that! :)

Thanks y'all for commenting!

The Corner Shop said...

LOL!! This is very tiny luggage, but not boring!! Sorry about your leg oh X_x

Oya, see my bag :D