Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am back again with the “Style Features”
The second feature is the amazing Koromone Koroye.
A Student and fashion lover, I absolutely adore and admire her style. She definitely takes risk with her clothing, dress according to her body type and jumps on Trend Bandwagon some of us dread like mixing Prints et al.

Here is what she has to say;-

“My name is Koro. I am 20 years old. I am an English and creative writing major and African studies minor at Hofstra University, long island, New York. I love fashion, love it..! I cannot describe my style at all. I just open my closet and piece things together, although I will say I am inspired by some outfits I see on my tumblr dashboard. I love street style and stalk fashion blogs.I love Vanessa Hudgen’s style because even though she has a small frame, she can wear long skirts or big shirts and still pull it off.Another style inspiration is Solange Knowles. I mean, how can you not love her.? From her lovely afro to her clothes. She is just perfect.”

Mixing Prints..!! POW.!!

Colour me stripes..!!

ROCKSTARR..!!! ^_^

*Snaps Fingers*
WERK EEETTT..!!! ^_^
I absolutely love her style

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hello everyone,
It was a very busy weekend.
Apart from publicly declaring my shyness on a live national television show and dragging my tired body out of bed the next day to attend Le Petit Marche (LPM), I can say it was a pleasant weekend. I am Alive and kicking, thanks be to God.
On Saturday, June 25th, The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2011 held in Eko Hotels and suites. I was contacted by a designer to help her style her collection on the contestants. Although I had plans, I cancelled them because I am all for supporting upcoming designers and helping them build their brand, which isn’t an easy feat.
After the chaos backstage, my fashion friends, consisting of Peter Bello, Nneka Ezeaka, Kola Oshalusi, Ifeanyi dike jr and I went to the back of the auditorium, crossed our legs and enjoyed the rest of the show.
My Friend, Delphine Okobah was representing Ebonyi state. She didn’t make it to Top 5 and I was pained.
My expression changed and I uttered curse words at the MBGN Judges. *laughing out loud*
Everyone who watched the show had to share their views and opinions. . . Twitter served as a platform as usual for everyone to air it all.
It was a long, hilarious night and in my usual manner, I took backstage pictures for your viewing pleasure.

My friend, Delphine..!! I had to stitch the ruffles on the attire with needle and thread! Amazing how it came out looking fabulous.!!

Miss Adamawa and Miss Ebonyi.
 (Miss Adamawa won Miss La Casera)

Miss Bayelsa , Sophie gemmal was the 1st runner up

Miss Delta..!!

Beautiful girls… One crown..!!
I admired their competitive spirit and the fact that they came out to contest amidst rude comments from the public.

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Friday, June 24, 2011


I was really pleased with the response on the first “stylist chronicles” post. I have decided to keep writing on the series.
Recently, I had a collaboration with various creatives to a shoot... More like a PR stunt for an upcoming fashion brand and it was a huge success.
It definitely started with me fidgeting, running around and snapping at everyone. Blame me not; I tend to be a bit annoying because I am a perfectionist. I was in charge of art direction, so it was a bit hectic for me.
I had to ensure that makeup was according to the theme and the photogs were busy, setting up the lights and getting ready for the shots. Art directing required me not to be my normal playful self and become the overseer, so we ensure we do a good job.
The shoot itself was a hectic one. The theme required lots of location changes and I had to deal with the grumbles.
“Do we have to do that scene?” They’d ask
“Yes we have! It’s important we go along with the theme and maintain coherence.” I’d say in my sternest voice.
Deep inside, I’d let out a sigh and ask myself… “Seriously, do we need to do that scene? I AM FRIGGIN TIRED!”
But we sucked it up and did it.
Mario Testino does not complete his shoots in 2 hours, so why should we.?
Aiming for the best is what I desire and I was happy we achieved it at this shoot.
During makeup and changes in location, we took our time and smiled/posed for Tobbie's camera.

Make-up artist, Jide Adedeji at my back.
DENIM SHIRT;- Denim co
JEANS;- Denim co
BELT;- Vintage

Ring Porn..!!  :)

SHOES;- Vintage


My tired face

Model, Eniola Falase and i

Tryna get her in the desired position..!!


Inspiration Schinspiration..!!

Photographer, Obi Somto and Assistant, Ayo

The Goofy Face. X_X

Oh yeah..??? They be chatting up, while I am working?  *snaps fingers*

That’s the whole team, plus Tobbie who was behind the camera. J
Fun… tension… fatigue… anger… rage…
We felt these emotions at the shoot, but I am extremely proud of the end result.
I can’t wait for y’all to see it.
Fashion Phoenix.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


School can be hectic, and you get to appreciate the little things that makes you chuckle and say to your friend,’OMIGOSH, DID YOU SEE THAT.??’
Different people... Different background… Different style… you always get to see the Good, The Bad and the “what-the-hell-were-you-thinking-wearing-that-to-school”

In my school, you get to wear conventional things to blend in with others. Sandals, t-shirts, jeggings, leggings, denim, blazers et al can be referred to as the university’s uniform. Whenever I wear my turban, I get stared so much, I want to pull off my earrings,whip someone and scream “what the hell, haven’t you seen someone wearing a turban?? Do I look like I hid a bomb inside it.?”
Today was a lazy day. In between classes and ending up spending my entire money, buying vintage-inspired rings,I took pictures of cute students going to their various lecture classes.


Her cute ballet flats. GORGE.!!




My internet connection is being such a piss-take tonight,
If I were the president, I would guarantee proper internet service for everyone.
Fashion Phoenix.


The Fashion Brand, Jidz is a brand I adore and love so much. The first time I laid my eyes on a JIDZ purse, I was instantly captivated by the inventive drama and the subtle contradictions. The use of colour, patch work, tasseled zipper and pearls made me fall in love with it.
Everytime, I am transfixed by the aesthetic of the brand and the attention to detail. The mix of fabrics, such as suede, special leather, damask, on each bag ensures a one-of- a-kind piece.
Each piece gives a casual edge and colorful pop to any outfit. As a Fashion-Fanatic myself, I am compelled to darn all fashion rules and carry a colorful Jidz purse with an equally colorful outfit.
JIDZ, headed by its designer, Juliet Ibiapuba David-West is a brand that has grown to infuse accessories such as Cheque-book holders, Briefcases, Phone pouches, Notebook cases, Belts, Ipad cases, etc
There is a signature style running through every JIDZ piece which includes signature pearl accents and every piece is lined with raw silk, giving a vibe of luxury and value for your money!

Amatieye Elite

Damsel aliday Briefcase

Velvet chequebook holders

Suede detailed Crescent purse

Suede detailed Crescent purse in burgundy forest colour

Juliet Ibiapuba David-West
08039318166, 07062279484, 07879985660.
Designers Outlet, 4th floor Mega Plaza, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It’s still the month of June and this is the first “style” feature.
Please note that the people featured are not bloggers, so the pictures may not have been taken using high standard camera.
The first feature is Kebeh Ofem, a student, fellow Florence and the machine fan and lover of all things fashion.
This is what she has to say…


Hi, my name is Kebeh Benita May Ofem, but everyone calls me KB.  A Nigerian from Cross-river state... I'm a 19 year old Law Student... I love art (music, paintings, poetry etc) and I’m pretty passionate about it. I also love food & a good laugh. Of course, like the Fashion Phoenix herself, Miss Fafi, I FREAKING LOVE FLORENCE WELCH..! I'm an old soul and people say I’m unusual (I quite like it).  
My style is sexy retro cool and sometimes indie..! I live for Jeans… FCUK, Pull &Bear and Vero Moda never disappoint for jeans.. I dress according to the weather, my mood and sometimes the music I’m listening to before I leave my room. I love prints, colours, class, edge and weird cool..!
My style Icons are Fearne Cotton, Carol Ofem (My sister), Asiyami Gold & Bintu Larrabee. I Love rings, if I don't have any other accessories on, I must at least have a ring on. My two favorite items of make up are Rimmel's Max Volume Flash mascara & Vaseline lip therapy (for real though)... I shop at Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Pull & Bear, Zara, Topshop, Aldo, Office, H&M, New Look, A-wear, Topman (best believe), Bershka, Soho N.Y.C, Dunnes, Primark & random thrift stores...! did I add that I’m shy and I talk too much..?? Bye now :)   



I absolutely adore her style. She is so pretty too.
Whatchu all think..??
Fashion Phoenix.