Thursday, June 23, 2011


The Fashion Brand, Jidz is a brand I adore and love so much. The first time I laid my eyes on a JIDZ purse, I was instantly captivated by the inventive drama and the subtle contradictions. The use of colour, patch work, tasseled zipper and pearls made me fall in love with it.
Everytime, I am transfixed by the aesthetic of the brand and the attention to detail. The mix of fabrics, such as suede, special leather, damask, on each bag ensures a one-of- a-kind piece.
Each piece gives a casual edge and colorful pop to any outfit. As a Fashion-Fanatic myself, I am compelled to darn all fashion rules and carry a colorful Jidz purse with an equally colorful outfit.
JIDZ, headed by its designer, Juliet Ibiapuba David-West is a brand that has grown to infuse accessories such as Cheque-book holders, Briefcases, Phone pouches, Notebook cases, Belts, Ipad cases, etc
There is a signature style running through every JIDZ piece which includes signature pearl accents and every piece is lined with raw silk, giving a vibe of luxury and value for your money!

Amatieye Elite

Damsel aliday Briefcase

Velvet chequebook holders

Suede detailed Crescent purse

Suede detailed Crescent purse in burgundy forest colour

Juliet Ibiapuba David-West
08039318166, 07062279484, 07879985660.
Designers Outlet, 4th floor Mega Plaza, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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These are fabulous, i wish i owned one