Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It’s still the month of June and this is the first “style” feature.
Please note that the people featured are not bloggers, so the pictures may not have been taken using high standard camera.
The first feature is Kebeh Ofem, a student, fellow Florence and the machine fan and lover of all things fashion.
This is what she has to say…


Hi, my name is Kebeh Benita May Ofem, but everyone calls me KB.  A Nigerian from Cross-river state... I'm a 19 year old Law Student... I love art (music, paintings, poetry etc) and I’m pretty passionate about it. I also love food & a good laugh. Of course, like the Fashion Phoenix herself, Miss Fafi, I FREAKING LOVE FLORENCE WELCH..! I'm an old soul and people say I’m unusual (I quite like it).  
My style is sexy retro cool and sometimes indie..! I live for Jeans… FCUK, Pull &Bear and Vero Moda never disappoint for jeans.. I dress according to the weather, my mood and sometimes the music I’m listening to before I leave my room. I love prints, colours, class, edge and weird cool..!
My style Icons are Fearne Cotton, Carol Ofem (My sister), Asiyami Gold & Bintu Larrabee. I Love rings, if I don't have any other accessories on, I must at least have a ring on. My two favorite items of make up are Rimmel's Max Volume Flash mascara & Vaseline lip therapy (for real though)... I shop at Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Pull & Bear, Zara, Topshop, Aldo, Office, H&M, New Look, A-wear, Topman (best believe), Bershka, Soho N.Y.C, Dunnes, Primark & random thrift stores...! did I add that I’m shy and I talk too much..?? Bye now :)   



I absolutely adore her style. She is so pretty too.
Whatchu all think..??
Fashion Phoenix.  


Chic Therapy said...

she cute!

neks2U said...

She's soo cute! I actually spotted her on the streets of lag and was gonna a style post on her. Nice one Miss Fafi!

Psalmmiefresh said...

Oh!!! Big Ups to Yu..Kebeh!! dx iz totally Nyc. :*

Vivi said...

She's too cute for words. Great style.