Friday, June 24, 2011


I was really pleased with the response on the first “stylist chronicles” post. I have decided to keep writing on the series.
Recently, I had a collaboration with various creatives to a shoot... More like a PR stunt for an upcoming fashion brand and it was a huge success.
It definitely started with me fidgeting, running around and snapping at everyone. Blame me not; I tend to be a bit annoying because I am a perfectionist. I was in charge of art direction, so it was a bit hectic for me.
I had to ensure that makeup was according to the theme and the photogs were busy, setting up the lights and getting ready for the shots. Art directing required me not to be my normal playful self and become the overseer, so we ensure we do a good job.
The shoot itself was a hectic one. The theme required lots of location changes and I had to deal with the grumbles.
“Do we have to do that scene?” They’d ask
“Yes we have! It’s important we go along with the theme and maintain coherence.” I’d say in my sternest voice.
Deep inside, I’d let out a sigh and ask myself… “Seriously, do we need to do that scene? I AM FRIGGIN TIRED!”
But we sucked it up and did it.
Mario Testino does not complete his shoots in 2 hours, so why should we.?
Aiming for the best is what I desire and I was happy we achieved it at this shoot.
During makeup and changes in location, we took our time and smiled/posed for Tobbie's camera.

Make-up artist, Jide Adedeji at my back.
DENIM SHIRT;- Denim co
JEANS;- Denim co
BELT;- Vintage

Ring Porn..!!  :)

SHOES;- Vintage


My tired face

Model, Eniola Falase and i

Tryna get her in the desired position..!!


Inspiration Schinspiration..!!

Photographer, Obi Somto and Assistant, Ayo

The Goofy Face. X_X

Oh yeah..??? They be chatting up, while I am working?  *snaps fingers*

That’s the whole team, plus Tobbie who was behind the camera. J
Fun… tension… fatigue… anger… rage…
We felt these emotions at the shoot, but I am extremely proud of the end result.
I can’t wait for y’all to see it.
Fashion Phoenix.


uduak said...

love your shoes...ur job is fun!

neks2U said...

Love this! Really cool shots.


Marina said...

I'm in LOVE with everything about shooting!!!!

xx Marina

Vivi said...

I want all your rings!

Muse Origins said...

Can't wait to see the pictures- hope you share them. This is pretty cool!

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)