Wednesday, July 27, 2011


*Drum rolls*
Okay.. I was awarded a "best blog" award by this lovely fashion phoenix, Mbabazi (
I am so thrilled.  *now dancing*
the rule is to write 7 random things about yourself.
So here goes...

1) I love the group,” Florence and the machine" with all my heart. Can someone please promise to bring Florence Welch for my wedding? I will forfeit wearing a Vera Wang dress and louboutin shoes at my wedding, just to hear Florence Welch sing "heavy in your arms" at my wedding. 

 2) Despite the fact that I love my clothes, I am not attached to anything in my wardrobe. It’s just Fashion... Nothing serious.  

3) Recently, I hate reading books.. Why sit down and read a book, when I can be tweeting and checking out fashion blogs. Don't blame me... Blame my blackberry!! Random basic behaviour, right.? :|

4) I hate Rules. Who loves them though? I have been called a rebel, but I just refuse to conform. It’s not in my nature..! I am a free spirit.

5)  I am the master multi-tasker. People wonder how I combine being a student, fashion blogger, a fashion stylist and fashion editor.. Attending events and fashion shows. Not easy I must say, but I juggle them well. :)

6) my best fashion experience was working backstage at Arise Magazine Fashion Week. I miss the chaos, drama, and adrenaline. It taught me a lot about fashion styling. Maybe New York Fashion Week next?? Amen!

7) My Fashion Heroes are Bola Balogun and Omoyemi Akerele. They are Nigeria's Fashion pioneers! I want to be like them when I grow up! 


And I have to answer the following questions:-

*Favorite Colour:- 
I don't have a favorite colour. Any colour, bright and cheerful pops my socks.
*Favorite dessert:- hmmm.. None! 
*Biggest Pet Peeve:- people telling me what to wear and how to wear my clothes! If I wanted to dress uniform-like... I woulda joined the army.
*Favorite Pet:- I have never had a pet! I'd prefer a rabbit or a parrot! I hate dogs! Bleehh..!!
*Biggest fear:- falling from a tall building.
*Best Feature:- my Nose.
*Everyday Attitude:- Life is short. Making the best outta it, one hour at a time.
*what is perfection?:-
Going on a vacation to a beautiful island with my family. Hearing my dad's laughter and listening to my mum's jokes! Watching my siblings play with the sand. *sighs*
*Guilty Pleasure:-
  watching movies while stuffing my face with chocolate cake and ice-cream or cookies and juice.!

There you go.. 7 random things about me, Zee Fashion Phoenix. The rule is to pass it unto 15 dope blogs, but I am giving this award to you, my readers. If you have a Blog, TADA... This award belongs to you, Fashion Phoenixes.
Love y'all.


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

I had to scroll back up to see your do have a cute nose oh!

Ufy said...

I swear i did that too @ SIsi..

Muse Origins said...

Haha! Me too. But babe, these were interesting!! :D

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