Sunday, July 3, 2011


My phone buzzed…
I rolled, turned to the other side and picked up my blackberry to read the BB message! I just came back from school and hardly never reply my IMs when I am at home.

Ade Yusuf; - Hey Hun. Trust you are well. Bunmi said you are cool for tomorrow.
ME; - Hello! Good morning. Yeah… but I am confused. She said y’all already have an in-house stylist.
Ade Yusuf; - She might not be available but either ways, we are open for assistance and a 2nd eye.
ME; - okiedokies! I just wanted to be sure.

I rolled off my bed, packed my things and left for school.
I was a bit skeptical about styling the collection. I had not seen it and we didn’t have a fitting with the model. How I was gonna pull it off, I couldn’t imagine.
The next day, I was ready, packed my styling kit and headed to the location.
The day was amazing... After lunch we started the shoot. The designers, both o’eclat and pearl 1130 gave the model and I, creative freedom! With support from their PR representive, Bunmi Adepoju... we pulled it off.!!
The collection, “Belle de jour” had the 70’s air... Taking me back to the era of comfortable and simple silhouette. The collection was modeled in a tantalizing manner, showing in full glimpse, lush fabrics such as Silk, Lace, etc. The pieces were so colorful; I decided to let the pieces speak for itself and went for the minimalist approach!
Few accessories... Simple up-do... Lush pieces..!!
Enjoy the full collection..!! 

Fashion Phoenix.


Mbabazi said...

hey o remember seing this somewhere and thinking good job to whoever. so kudos to you girl. lovely

Muse Origins said...

You did a really good job on this styling! :D

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)