Friday, July 8, 2011


Recently, I posted pictures of students going to class, in order to celebrate their style and show you all, how we dress in my school.
In my school, we practically wear conventional things. Sometimes, you really can’t ignore the “oh-you-fancy-huh.?” Stares, students tend to throw your way when you walk into school wearing an unconventional outfit that shows your style.
I won’t stress... I am not always dressed up all stylish and decked to the nines, but I tend to add accessories to compliment what I am wearing and tell people about my quirky style. My T-shirts act like a plain canvas, where I paint my style with little distinct accessories.
Yesterday, after a test… my friends and I went out of class and had a little photo shoot. Students passed and stared as usual, but we kept taking pictures and giving funny poses.
I Uploaded pictures of what I wore…

T-shirt; - random
Jeans; - American eagle
Turban: - random Ankara material
Belt: - vintage

Masaai earrings... gotten from LPM..!

I cant fathom my love for rings nowadays.!

Newest addition to my ring collection.!

Leather Bag;- Gift from my friend, Terence Sambo
I “heart” it..!!

I am at a point in my life where I am wondering what I really want to do to move forward… School, Tons of assignments, Fashion Projects, et al. I am always thinking... I am always thinking... I can’t stop..!
Sometimes, I am thinking of ways to add a unique input and help the Nigerian Fashion Industry grow and I pause and ask myself... “How? Onyinye, you are just a scrawny student.”
I can’t be the only one with big dreams...
The Flag is on the moon… Men Put it there..!!
If they can, then we can achieve our dreams, for Pete’s sakes.
Believe… Believe... Just try to Believe.


Nma said...

Aww I totally get you. Sometimes it seems like our goals are so far from us *sigh* but I believe you're passionate enough to acheive anything! Nice bag :)

Muse Origins said...

I feel you!! But nothing should stop us from trying!!

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

Afrikan Princess said...

you look bomb ! Don't mind those people jare they are just jealous :)

Mbabazi said...

i want your rings and that bag.. I awarded you on my blog, visit by to get the details

neks2U said...

Lovely write-up! Trust me you're already adding to the industry as at now! Just keep doing you