Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Music meets runway has come and gone… yet I still miss everything. Adrenaline pumping, fast walking pace, quick changes etc.
I wasn’t on the styling team for this show because of school, so I joined the fashion logistics team.
My Gosh… I learnt a lot about fashion logistics, I lie not. There is more to a fashion show than just Styling, I learnt. You are given a number of Models for a show and you have to make sure every designer gets a model to strut the runway without clashing with the next designer.
Also there are such things like quick changes where a model goes back in, changes into another outfit from the same designer and goes back out on the runway.
When you are given 50 models, that’s a hard job.

I got a message in the morning asking me to wear an all-black outfit to the event, since I am gonna be backstage all day. I rolled off my bed and laughed my ass out. I really hate it when people tell me what to wear or when I have to dress all uniform-like to conform to a rule. I am not a rebel, I just hate rules.
In order to obey the rule while sticking to my own style. I decided to wear an outfit with a dash of black in it. *winks*

Bright colour and print with a dash of black.
BLAZER;- random
SKIRT;- Momma’s own (Modified)


EARRINGS;- Gotten at LPM


I took this picture of my friend, Terence Sambo ( and uber-amazing designer, Tsemaye Binitie during the rehearsals before the show started. Both of them were wearing the “ONE NIGERIAN BOY” T-shirt.

Fashion phoenix.


uduak said...

love the outfit.That skirt fits like a glove and the orange blazer is so complementing..

Anonymous said...

i'm still very sad i had to leave the MMR team so early during preparations. ur outfit is nice. love d skirt.

bob-ij said...

Bahahaha! Lol to conforming with a "dash" of black. I didn't notice it at all. But HOT nails! I may just steal things many rings idea. Well till my dad comes around. lol.

Love the look!


Ciaa said...

love love the hair !!!!!

Nma said...

LMAO! Dash of black! You look cute, love the tribal skirt and nails

Afrikan Princess said...

Love that outfit !
Everything just goes well together :)

Vivi said...

Cute, cute outfit! Love the skirt.