Monday, August 1, 2011


I really have to applaud myself for blogging frequently nowadays. I am a self proclaimed queen of randomness, so this post is actually quite random.
Sometimes, I wish I could deck all out and take awesome pictures like Karla, ChicMuse and Bryan boy. But truth be told, I can't even stand being in heels for few hours, talkless of a whole day.
I have come to understand that the basic outfits thrown on are actually quite comfortable. Like I have said before, my comfort comes first. Style is all about showcasing your individuality and personality. As far it looks good on you, you are good to go!
Yesterday was a slow day! We had an exam postponed, so we had to read. Knowing fully well that I may be spending hours in a classroom on sunday, reading and also dashing out to watch the BigBrother Africa finale.. I knew I had to pick a comfortable outfit.
Quite Basic, But Very comfortable.



After reading, my friend, Yinka dragged me to her friend's place to watch the BigBrother Finale. I kEPT thinking of how I woulda spent the prize money. *sighs*
Ohh… that was how I spent my weekend.
How did you spend yours.?

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