Sunday, August 21, 2011


As usual, I forgot this post in my draft and didn’t find it till now. There was a show called THE NEHEMIAH PROJECT which I worked on with the creative director, Debs Adebiyi. The show was all about youth empowerment, to encourage people to follow their dreams, irrespective of the bullshit life throws at us. It wasn’t easy and I took on 2 duties, being an assistant creative director and also a stylist at the show.

To ensure that the show runs smoothly, it required me going back and forth, checking on the DJ to make sure he has the runway songs, checking on the set manager to ensure he knows when to put on and put off the halogen lights and getting the models ready for the main show etc
I had the opportunity of styling the Odio Mimonet pieces for the show. The designer, Mrs Odion Oseni was so calm and cool, and made sure we took notes of what she wanted.
The models were part of a youth empowerment brand and were following their dreams to become models. The girls had never modeled before, so we had to teach catwalk and please the crowd, especially because Model scouts were sitted, waiting for them to strut the runway.

I nearly gave up hope and we were so stunned at the way the models rose and gave it their best. I was so inspired and almost shed a tear, because there is nothing stronger than determination and passion. NOTHING!


Sorry about the crappy pictures!
I was in such a haste to take the pictures and get back to my other duties.

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