Sunday, September 18, 2011


*sighs* I stay steady forgetting posts in my draft.
This is a shoot that I styled November last year.

Back to my main story. . . Delphine is an amazing model. She approached me for a beach themed shoot and I was totally thrilled. Who can go wrong with the waves, palm tree and a hot model looking all vixen-like in bikinis and next to nothing clothing. Right? WRONG..!!
After going on about the concept and theme with her and the photographer, Delphine was against nudity or anything sexually implicit. So I had to go back to my drawing board to sketch a theme to her taste. She is an amazing model, with a down to earth character and confidence that makes me jealous.
Okay... I decided to use that as my inspiration. I channeled the whole shoot to make her look like a beach beauty... Sensual, mixed with girlish charm and womanly confidence. Think Caroline Trentini looking all fierce, yet feminine in amazing pictures that outline her silhouette.
I used pieces from the fashion brand, House 38
Here are the pictures. 

Of course, then I just started styling and while looking at the pictures, I noticed that my “styling style” is different now than then. LOL

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uduak said...

Amazing shoot. welldone

Koltunovskaya said...

I like these pictures! Nice dresses and very beautiful place.

amanda archambault said...

You look beautiful. Hollywood look about you. Photos are great quality and not much more to say than I love this post!

xoxo Amanda Archambault
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Geriee the Glamazon said...

Great shoot!