Friday, September 30, 2011


I never do random posts except I adore the person far too much to keep it limited to 140 characters on twitter.

Okay... here goes..!


I can’t begin to explain my love for her… she is such a badass! (Pardon my language, lovers)
I have several questions for her when I finally meet her, but these ones keep popping up every time.

*I mean…why is she so cool?? I know I am cool too (hey, gotta toot my own horn too. LOL) but WHY IS SHE SO COOL.??
*Why is her Afro so lush? Her Afro gives me life. It’s really to miss the Afro and the eye-catching outfits she wears.
*Does she make money being fashion editor of Wonderland? I know making money ain’t easy, so how does she stay steady being so chic?
*Why does she have such fabulous vintage items? I know there are lotsa vintage stuff everywhere... But why is it that hers are the coolest?


I so wanna be like her.

Fashion Phoenix


KoredeOjo said...

be careful wat u wish

Duygu said...

this is such a lovely post darling :) really great done :) - oh and not to forget I need your special support dear :)

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