Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sorry fashion phoenixes for my lack of posts. School resumeth next week and I guess I just went into hibernation. The 8am classes and econometric classes begin again... Urrgghh!!
Yesterday, I had a shoot with Veronica Ebie odeka and Kelechi Amadi-Obi for a hair company. It was fun being in a studio with 2 people who actually know their onions in their respective career. From laughing at veronica’s jokes to watching uncle Kelechi sing “Patience by Damien Marley and Nas” with his assistants and him laughing loud when I was amazed at how good his voice was. (I lie not.. his voice was SO cool.! LOL)

With the camera strapped around my neck, I was quick to take pictures of the male and female models that had their hair done by the hairstylists. Trust me, the male models with their hair done made me steal giggles all day... (i couldn’t laugh.. I have a high scratchy laughter. The type that makes you laugh, even though you don’t know what’s being laughed at)
The male models were so cute and masculine. Seeing them in weaves was a funny sight, I tell ya. (And No... they are not gay).

Enjoy the pictures;-

Gabby and Cynthia

OH LAWD! This is so funny! I cant stop… LMFAO!



I swear... he is so cute!

One of the headstylist doing her thang!

Yup! Nude stuff! Models rock.

70’s style!

So pretty.

Kelechi amadi-obi

Kelechi amadi-obi and I.

Working with Vanestyle (Veronica’s styling outfit) is so much fun. It has opened my eyes to the fact that styling can not only be a passion for me, but a profession. (I never saw it that way...) The business of fashion is a tricky thing to learn and everyday is an eye opener. I always learn something new and add to my portfolio.
I always laugh so hard at people who think styling is all about pulling looks and putting cute clothes together. It goes beyond that!

Fashion Phoenix


uduak said...

wow! amazing shoot and that guy is too cute for himself! *sigh* :). keep it up girl. xoxo

Mide Coker said...

The Male models!!! (Why evils)
And its so cool that you got to work with Kelechi Amadi Obi, I've wanted to meet him for a while now. His pictures are too awesome. Hope to see the final shots once they're released. :)

Osinulu Ayodeji said...

nice hair styling especially on the male model...never thot hair could be that fine on a guy. cant wait to see the final pics..want to see more of your magic at styling.