Sunday, October 2, 2011


Recently, I have been rocking my afro in all its glory. (I hate the bow hair accessories. They make me look too girly). It ain’t easy maintaining natural hair, I must say. Especially in Nigeria where they are limited awesome natural hair products. I stick to the combination of shea butter and virgin olive oil. My hair seems to love t. I am no hair aficionado, but I must confess I enjoy being natural. (Why can’t the hair automatically put itself into twists though? My arms are complaining!! LOL)
The reaction of my friends to my afro is so cute and funny. These were the same people who said I looked like a guy when I chopped it off. Recently, my ex-boyfriend who once said he didn’t like my newly cropped hair buried his hands in my hair and called it “fluffy” when he saw my afro and said I looked so cute in it. Of course I had the “Oh yeah?” look but I was so satisfied that I have proved to these people that natural hair is amazing.
My hair is right now in braids (sorry peeps, I couldn’t resist! X_X) but I can’t wait to loose it and feel my hair again.
Thought I’d share these pictures with you all. J

Pardon the shrinkage! LOL

Close up!

OH YES! A goofy picture!

My natural hair journey was featured on FancyHub, an African fashion website. Do read it.

Fashion Phoenix.


KoredeOjo said...

nice...i've being thinking abt d big chop due to the great breakage that i experienced that made my hair uneven...pretty scared.

Chizy K said...

you still look very pweety