Monday, October 17, 2011


I never knew who he was till he appeared on my screen, flashing a taut body adorned with tattoos that made me drool. My eyes trailed from his head down to where the jeans he wore met the waist and covered the rest of his masculinity.
Our eyes locked for a second ,he tore them away, and continued singing the song that made me wanna move my stiff body and fling my braids from side to side. Who could move like jagger? He told me he could.
I slept with thoughts of him circling my head... we met in my dream and he did stuff I only thought happens in Fashion Heaven. We played dress-up, rolled in the sand, laughed out loud and talked about our future.
*SCRATCH* Reality hurts... Anne Vyalitsyna has stolen my man,Adam Levine. (well, in my head! But who cares!).  Rubbing it in my face in an editorial in Vogue Russia, November 2011 issue, the 2 lovebirds couldn’t get enough of each other. Further research showed they are engaged. Oh no… The dude I yearn for!

That tattoo had better be marked on with a blackboard marker! LOL


They are so cute though!
I hope she makes Adam Levine happy! He deserves it.

Fashion Phoenix


uduak said...

i love me some Adam Levine! *sobs* Maroon 5 any day, anytime. lucky gal. i feel your pain sis, i really do! lol

Chizy K said...

Maroon rocks anytime...kpele

Hazel said...

LMAO @ the tattoo had better be with blackboard marker. A girl can only dream...