Sunday, November 27, 2011


Finally, the Elsie Vintage blog sale is finally here. I must confess that putting it on the 27th of November was a huge mistake as almost everything (the totes especially) has been sold out. Oh well, there are still awesome pieces in stock.
The deal is;-
1)      Look through the pictures and pick your fave piece.
2)     Send the item number to my mailbox, with your address, number and name.
3)     A reply shall be sent containing the day of delivery and time.
4)     Free delivery for everyone.
5)     All pieces either Medium or large can be altered to fit a small size
6)     First email sender on a piece wins.

NOTE; - this is for only people living in Lagos. Stay outside Lagos and really want a piece? If you have a way we can send it to you. That’s fine. J
Alterations can be done by the Elsie Vintage Alteration tailor,BaBa. this will cost an extra N500.

ITEM 1; - Virginal white lace dress. (SOLD)
SIZE;- Small
PRICE;- N2500

ITEM 2; - Sheer Gold lace dress (SOLD)
SIZE;- Small/ Medium
PRICE;- N2500

ITEM 3; - Black bubble dress    (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium/Large
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 4; - Multicolored 2print babydoll dress  (SOLD)
SIZE;- Small
PRICE;- N2500

ITEM 5; - Beaded vest  (SOLD)
SIZE;- Small
PRICE;- 2000

ITEM 6; - Printed Wrap Blouse. (with batwing sleeves)  (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium/Large
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 7; - Lace and silk blouse with detachable brooch collar.   (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 8; - Pleated floral midi skirt   (SOLD)
SIZE;-  one size fits all
PRICE;- N2500

ITEM 9; - Print Blouse with pearl buttons
SIZE;- Small/Medium
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 10; - Multicoloured paint print dress  (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium/large
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 11; - 60’s cardigan with embroidered pearl details  (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium
PRICE;- 3000

ITEM 12; - Printed Blazer with Velcro-detachable inner camisole  (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium/Large
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 13; - Floral pastel print midriff blouse   (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium/Large
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 14; - Wrap-around print blouse (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium/Small
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 15; - Button-down Tea dress
SIZE;- Medium/Large
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM 16; - Polka dot Gown (SOLD)
SIZE;- Medium/Large
PRICE;- N3000

ITEM19;- Striped blouse with un-detachable brooch.
SIZE;- Medium/Large
PRICE;- N3000

So there you go!
Like any piece? Send me an email. J

Fashion Phoenix.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Funny enough, what started as a joke is slowly turning into reality. Never thought I would take this whole “Vintage clothes online Store” thingy seriously, but now I am slowly dreaming of being the Future “Natalie Massanet” of vintage clothes.
The Elsie Vintage Logo came in today and I couldn’t wait to return from my shoot and show y’all. I actually decided to make the logo more mascot-like and exactly how I envision Elsie in my head. Thanks to my friend and uber graphics designer, Data Oruwari. I hope you like it.

Here is the Elsie Vintage Logo;-

I think it’s so cool and quirky.
Noticed all I talked about nowadays is Elsie Vintage. Oh well, word of mouth is the best advertisement. LOL
Please Do like the Elsie Vintage Facebook page;-
Do you like the logo.?

Fashion Phoenix.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's no new story that I abso-frigging-lutely love vintage. For a year now, my friends have kept persuading me to start my own vintage store and for reasons I can't explain, I haven't.
Finally, I have realized that I can't keep getting all the cool vintage pieces and keeping it all to myself... It's high time I share the finds and sell it to y'all at a cheap price.

Elsie is my cool alter ego who finds joy in getting the best affordable vintage clothes she can find. The joy and uniqueness she gets from rocking a "one-of-a-kind" vintage piece is priceless. Only fair I name my new store after her.
As we all know, vintage is a great way to recycle and look distinct, without being scared of appearing in the same piece being worn by another person.  It is also environmentally conscious because wearing vintage clothes reduces waste.

So this is the main deal... The prices of the clothes, shoes, and totes are all under N 4,000. For now, the sale is by mail order till the shopping cart add-on has been installed and they shall be displayed in a blog post. It is only available for people living in Lagos.
All vintage piece purchased from Elsie Vintage is in good and pristine condition. Since vintage pieces have been worn in an era before, do expect lil' signs of wear.
The mini-lookbook shall be up on Sunday.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Here I am Again...
Blogging is definitely becoming therapeutic for me. Seeing I live a crazy busy life, it feels good coming here to tell y’all how my day went.
Oh well, school is getting crazier as the days roll. I can’t wait to be done.
Today, I was too lazy to dress up for school. Sleeping by 2am and waking up by 7am left me all grumpy and cranky.
This was what I wore to school, amidst stares from students and people asking me what my inspiration was. Inspiration? Seriously? Lord! *Laughs*
No one believed that I just threw it on without wanting to channel the oldies or a “Scripture Union” sister.

T-shirt; - Random
Skirt; - Asos
Slippers; - Dorothy perkins
Quilted purse; - Random

Love is the Bees Knees (Business) and you are my honey! Funny wordplay.

Working on a new project called Elsie Vintage. Can’t wait to release the full details.
Even though you love or do not love the band, Florence and the machine.. do download “Spectrum” from their album,” Ceremonials”. Awesome music.
Love is the bees knees and y’all are my honey.
Thanks for reading.

Fashion Phoenix.


Yesterday, I attended a fashion show called Schon Afrique which was collaboration between a mother, Folake Majin and her two daughters.
As usual, it felt weird sitting down all dolled and waiting for the models to start strutting on the runway. I am always backstage making sure they get dressed FAST enough to hit the runway.
I guess I am getting used to sitting down as a spectator because the urge to run backstage wasn’t that intense.
My Afro is definitely serving its purpose as I am always too busy with school or work to run to the salon and have my hair braided.
i wore a romper and it was oh-so-comfortable and chic, if I must say. I guess I am in that phase of my life where the shorter and less tight the clothes are, the better for me to really comfortable.

Romper;- River Island

Shoes;- Roberto Cavalli

My Fave earrings 

Tweeting up a storm. *sighs*

Purse;- Random

I am in charge of running Vane-style for now. The head Stylist, Veronica is out of town. 2 of Vane-style clients were sitting down at the show, looking all chic styled by Vane-Style.
They Are;-


Blouse;- Vane-style closet
Skirt;- House 38


Dress;- Grey
Shoes;- Prada

Hope you like their outfits.
Have an awesome week, y’all.

Fashion Phoenix

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Yesterday, I had to go for a photo shoot for a feature in the December issue of Y! Magazine. It's going to be tagged the "next generation" issue and they were featuring people, between the ages of 21 - below who are doing well in their chosen career.
I was really excited and extremely honored to be featured. It's amazing to be recognized for what you love and do. It was really inspiring being with other young Nigerians who are doing really good and not letting age be a barrier towards them achieving their dreams.
Officially, I have been working in fashion for a year now and it has not been easy combining it with school and whatnot! That has been the biggest challenge I have actually had to battle till date. Staying near other young people inspired me and gave me the urge to keep moving on.
Here are fun pictures we took after the main shoot. We changed into another outfit and decided to have fun in front of Obi Somto's camera, especially for this blog.
Check it out.

Makida,Ifeanyi,Bayo,Me,Eromo and Shane



Ifeanyi Dike Jr
Age- 21:-
Ifeanyi is a medical student, fashion writer and actor, currently on TV programme, Tinsel as Titan.

Makida Moka
Age- 19:-
Makida is a model, current face of sleek and Y! Magazine ambassador.

Shane Abdulwahab
Age - 16:
Shane is a rapper, singer and producer. 


Adebayo oke-lawal
Age - 21:-
Bayo is the head designer of a fashion design brand,Orange culture and also a fashion stylist.

Onyinye Fafi Obi
Age - 21:-
Well.. That's me! :)

Eromo Egbejule
Age - 21
Eromo is a journalist, blogger ( ) publicist and web designer

The shoot was fun. We laughed so hard at our cheesy poses. Hope you enjoyed the pictures like we did, taking them. Do believe in your dreams and don’t let your age be a barrier, whether you are to young or too old.


Fashion Phoenix.