Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's no new story that I abso-frigging-lutely love vintage. For a year now, my friends have kept persuading me to start my own vintage store and for reasons I can't explain, I haven't.
Finally, I have realized that I can't keep getting all the cool vintage pieces and keeping it all to myself... It's high time I share the finds and sell it to y'all at a cheap price.

Elsie is my cool alter ego who finds joy in getting the best affordable vintage clothes she can find. The joy and uniqueness she gets from rocking a "one-of-a-kind" vintage piece is priceless. Only fair I name my new store after her.
As we all know, vintage is a great way to recycle and look distinct, without being scared of appearing in the same piece being worn by another person.  It is also environmentally conscious because wearing vintage clothes reduces waste.

So this is the main deal... The prices of the clothes, shoes, and totes are all under N 4,000. For now, the sale is by mail order till the shopping cart add-on has been installed and they shall be displayed in a blog post. It is only available for people living in Lagos.
All vintage piece purchased from Elsie Vintage is in good and pristine condition. Since vintage pieces have been worn in an era before, do expect lil' signs of wear.
The mini-lookbook shall be up on Sunday.


Jerome C. said...

I'm gonna check it out, thanks for sharing.


Abisola Oni said...

Cant wait..love me some vinTage!!!

Mbabazi said...

go hard fafi..good for you

Gigi said...

So looking forward to it babe...

Vivi said...

Nice! Congratulations on opening up your new store.

Demmy said...

I love vintage pieces too. It's great you get to sell them.

Anonymous said...

Vintage under 4000k? HOW???

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

@Anonymous Yes dear. everything like i said is under N4000. it is just a starter price so we are mainly breaking even and hopefully we will increase it and make profit.

koolaries said...

Can't wait to see the items..
When will it be posted??

Muse Origins said...

This is great. Looking forward to the lookbook :D

Muse Origins FB

Muse Origins said...

This is great. Looking forward to the lookbook :D

Muse Origins FB