Sunday, November 20, 2011


Yesterday, I had to go for a photo shoot for a feature in the December issue of Y! Magazine. It's going to be tagged the "next generation" issue and they were featuring people, between the ages of 21 - below who are doing well in their chosen career.
I was really excited and extremely honored to be featured. It's amazing to be recognized for what you love and do. It was really inspiring being with other young Nigerians who are doing really good and not letting age be a barrier towards them achieving their dreams.
Officially, I have been working in fashion for a year now and it has not been easy combining it with school and whatnot! That has been the biggest challenge I have actually had to battle till date. Staying near other young people inspired me and gave me the urge to keep moving on.
Here are fun pictures we took after the main shoot. We changed into another outfit and decided to have fun in front of Obi Somto's camera, especially for this blog.
Check it out.

Makida,Ifeanyi,Bayo,Me,Eromo and Shane



Ifeanyi Dike Jr
Age- 21:-
Ifeanyi is a medical student, fashion writer and actor, currently on TV programme, Tinsel as Titan.

Makida Moka
Age- 19:-
Makida is a model, current face of sleek and Y! Magazine ambassador.

Shane Abdulwahab
Age - 16:
Shane is a rapper, singer and producer. 


Adebayo oke-lawal
Age - 21:-
Bayo is the head designer of a fashion design brand,Orange culture and also a fashion stylist.

Onyinye Fafi Obi
Age - 21:-
Well.. That's me! :)

Eromo Egbejule
Age - 21
Eromo is a journalist, blogger ( ) publicist and web designer

The shoot was fun. We laughed so hard at our cheesy poses. Hope you enjoyed the pictures like we did, taking them. Do believe in your dreams and don’t let your age be a barrier, whether you are to young or too old.


Fashion Phoenix.


Demmy said...

This post makes it happy because it encourages me that there are people that are in support of young people doing great things. You know, I,m just 13 and my friends tend to look at me weirdly because I blog but I don't really care again after this post.

Mide Coker said...

Wow these pictures are so beautiful, you lot inspire me, thanks for sharing :)

Hazel said...

This post is everything i admire about you! So focused! I said it before; i will say it again...YOU ARE GOING PLACES!

PS: I love Titan! Medical student, you say? I'd really love to hear how that is working out for him with everything else he has going on.

PSS: Bayo is JUST 21???! WOW

ABIGAIL NY said...

Hun been a fan of your blog since it was a baby lol and you deserve the notice. Pray you continue to get big.

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

Thank you all for your comments.
@Demmy:- Never pay them any attention. i got laughed at when i started this blog too. :)