Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Yeah.. That's my face right now.
I am so restless.. and i hate it when i become restless.
The new year is almost here and i aint done writing my goals and New year resolutions. (okay.. maybe just one resolution. LOL)
I am more freaked out because my Goal/To-do list aint full yet. i know i am not done writing it.. but i need it to be complete before the 31st of December. *sighs*
2011 has been a good year... a good year for me indeed.
It wasn't perfect but i learnt from my mistakes.. Things i wanted to do,i done did it.
I am grateful to God for everything and you should be too.. be grateful that you are alive, hunnay!
Enough with the talk.. i wanna share random pictures because i am too restless. :)

A picture from my first shoot as a stylist.

My FAILED attempt at being sexy! i am stuck in the "cute" box forever. *sighs*

Old pictures that make me cringe and go,"WHAT THE HELL"! LOL

My tattoo! Each star has a meaning/significance in my life.

Amazing friend ever. cure to my insanity! LOL

My CLOSEST attempt to being sexy! yet still missed. LOL

My Turban phase. over it.. for now!

Stylist woe. gyatdamn corset! LOL

Blurry but hey! met and WORKED for Kosibah. Designer of my future wedding dress. Vera Wang who??

My "oh no.. that look didnt work? DANG!" Face.

Goofy picture of the best friends!

18yr old me!

Let's play a game.. Spot me out!

I can go on... And on... And on.
Love you all for reading my blog.
God bless you and your family/friends.

Fashion Phoenix


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nelo obi said...

God bless you also. Thanks dear

Tiwonge 'Tiwi' Gondwe said...

I must say I love reading your blog. It's really refreshing and an inspiration. Keep up the good work ^_^