Saturday, December 31, 2011


Back again...
As most of y'all know.. I am on house arrest. My mother ensures we all stay inside to prevent harm during this festive season,but mehn... I sneaked out. LOL
The Rebahia fashion presentation was too good to miss. I said my prayers and set off.
for the new year.. i have decided to abandon the braids and do something else. i need to let my hair grow,so i switched back to my second signature look.
I am also trying to stop my signature "raccoon" heavy lined eyes and red lips. I am sure it will be hard for me to quit that,but i did a different makeup for the event.

I tried the colour-blocking trend on my eyes and went for a cool lip colour with blush and applied bronzer to make my face and neck pop.
i hope i got it right because i aint no makeup guru. *sighs*

The small chops was yummy and the drinks kept coming. The skirt was actually one of the pieces to be sold at the Elsie Vintage January blog sale,but i had nothing to wear. Definately the last time i am gonna be getting high on my own *beep*. LOL

Blouse;- Forgotten.. too lazy to go check.
Skirt;- Elsie Vintage
Bag;- Random

Brogues;- zara

Some of the guests;-


Bubu Ogisi

Love her creepers and bag

Shoe candy

Arm candy.


Guests;- layle and Zeena

#FashionFrontRow101;- Cross legs in the same direction. LOL

Gonna post pictures of the rebahia pieces and a little review in the next post.

Fashion Phoenix


Anonymous said...

Nice one Honey... I see you going big in 2012... I getting so much love on this.

chi chi said...

nice. love the fashion-front-row-legs-crossed-in-one-direction swag.