Saturday, December 17, 2011


The December edition of Elsie Vintage blog sale has come and gone. Extremely grateful to those who ordered and got their pieces. To those who ordered and realized that their fave piece has already been ordered, we are so sorry. Hopefully, there will be a piece in January’s edition that will steal your heart and become yours. J
If you follow me on twitter, you woulda seen my rants about the Elsie Vintage delivery man, IK who has been unavailable due to a trip to his hometown. I had to deliver the pieces to the customers myself and it was amazing meeting them all and entering their cute office spaces. (*sighs* can’t wait to be done with school and have my own cute office space too. LOL).
I took the opportunity to take some pictures of some of the customers. 

Meet Elsie Vintage Customer;- Uchechi.
Love her pretty dress and headscarf.

Cute slippers.

Meet Elsie Vintage Customer;- Damilola
Love her chic blouse and shoes.

Elsie Vintage Customer;- Ezinne.
Forgot to take her picture, but the kind words she tweeted about her delivery made us indeed happy. Happy Customer. Happy us.

We appreciate everyone who ordered and loved their pieces, those featured on here and those who weren’t. we are indeed motivated to do more in the January sale.
The date will be posted soon.
We were also featured on One Nigerian Boy. Click HERE for the link.
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Gigi said...

i feel so bad i missed out! Was so looking forward to the December sale only to be rushed to the hospital a day before.... i love all the clothes especially the tea dress...