Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Finally, we have decided on a date for the Elsie Vintage Blog sale, December Edition.
*drum rolls*
For new readers, Elsie Vintage is a brand that partakes in monthly sale of vintage pieces on this blog, till we add a shopping cart to this blog.
The pieces as usual shall be posted right here on this blog, December 15th and orders for items shall be emailed to me.
The Theme for this month's sale is called "Print Galore". Get ready for burst of colour and print needed to spice up your closet this holiday season. 

I thought I should use this opportunity to introduce y'all to the Elsie Vintage team. When I started this, I didn't know the workload I was heaping upon my self. They help keep me sane, run the store and make sure I don't get high on my shit i.e. keep everything for myself. LOL

Name: - Onyinye Fafi Obi  :)
Twitter handle: - @OnyinyeFafiObi

Position:- Owner
I do all the shopping and follow up on everybody

Name:- Ifeanyi Okudo
Twitter handle:- @Mostwannted

Position:- Manager
Nothing happens at/to/for Elsie vintage that doesn't pass through her. All actions must be approved by her.

Name: - Deborah Tajudeen
Twitter handle: - null

Position: - Financial Secretary.
Debbie handles the financial aspect of Elsie vintage

Name: - Abisola Oni
Twitter handle: - @Ms_Tedy_Twesola

Position:- Intern
Abisola is in charge of followups, delivery, assisting at shoots and publicity.

(Not their picture. LOL)

Name:- IK
Twitter handle:- null

Position:- Deliveryman
IK is in charge of deliveries. Sometimes,when the deliveries are pending and he can't do them all,I help him out.

Name:- BaBa
Twitter handle:- null
Position:- Alterations person
BaBa is in charge of alterations at Elsie Vintage. Any piece that needs any alteration before being sent to the customer is done by him.

So there you have it.
The Elsie Vintage team. Thankful for helping me out.
Can't wait for December 15th.

Fashion Phoenix