Saturday, December 3, 2011


“This season, one cannot have too large a party or too fabulous a vintage piece”- Jane Austen, tweaked by me. J

Well, I am definitely not excited for Christmas. . . I never am. It has always been a normal day to me. I hate the fact that I never let myself go and have fun during holidays. I always acknowledge that our lord Jesus Christ was born on that day.
Oh well, I am excited about the Next Elsie Vintage Blog sale. After customers from last blog sale kept asking when the next one was . . . we have decided to make it a monthly affair. *DRUM ROLLS*
It is going to be hard scouting through bags of vintage clothes, looking for the ones that are trendy enough to rock this holiday season, but I am definitely excited.
Do get ready to energize your wardrobe with bursts of colour and pretty prints.
This holiday is looking good and an Elsie Vintage piece belongs to you.

Fashion Phoenix.


Demmy said...

I hope I get something this time during the December sales.

Gigi said...

Me too i hope i get something, cause the last sale i never got a response for the dress i picked...

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

Hello Gigi. so sorry about that. hopefully,you shall find something you love in the next blog sale.