Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas, everyone.
Hope you enjoyed your day.
Mine was just how I predicted it. Study, Tweet, Take a nap and Study more.
Everyone went out and I stayed home alone. Scary but Pleasant feeling.
Best Christmas present was having Elsie Vintage customers doll out to enjoy their day wearing ELSIE VINTAGE.
I was so happy and excited when they tweeted their looks to the Elsie Vintage twitter account. They looked amazing in it.

The skirt was one of my fave piece. I loved the colours on it and how it can make a look pop just by pairing the right blouse with it.


Here is Ezinne rocking hers with a blue top, a Chanel tote and minimal accessories. I absolutely love the look. J

The print on this vintage shirt is amazing. You can pair it to give you a very prim look for an office setting or dress it down for a night out with friends etc.


This is Ada rocking hers with a black pencil skirt to give an amazing silhouette and draw all attention to her upper body. I love the simplicity of the look.

So happy.

Please send pictures of you wearing your Elsie Vintage piece to my mailbox, . I wanna see how you styled it. 
I can’t wait for the January edition of Elsie Vintage blog sales. I am nervous as hell. (I always am.. every blog sale! *sighs*) but I hope you guys love the trendy pieces we scouted.
We haven’t decided on a theme yet (we always follow a theme. Last blog sale’s theme was “print galore”) but we have decided to make the blog sales occur every last Saturday for every month.
More details soon.

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Fashion Phoenix.


Nma said...

I love Ezinne's skirt so much. Imma try not to miss the next sale

Demmy said...

Ezinne's skirt is super cute. I love it!

Afrikan Princess said...

That skirt is so nice. I love the colours on it, the length and the material.

Well Done with the whole Elsie Vintage brand. You're going places sis ;)

Jessamyn Read said...

Fabulous skirt!xx