Sunday, January 29, 2012


At last. . . i can now put up my feet and rest for a while.
The Elsie Vintage January blog sale has come and gone. At least, i have few days to rest before planning for the next one.(which happens on February 25th,by the way. *winks*)
It was fun planning the shoot and the theme,"Vintage Baby". I wanted an editorial filled with Colour,energy,exaggerated poses and cheeky sexual connotations. The Model,Oyinda Yusuf was the best. she brought out everything i had in mind.
I was so tired on the day of the shoot,because i was running on 4 days of little sleep,but my Fabulous Elsie Vintage team members, Damola and Seyi were there to help. The Photographer, Obi Somto was the best as usual. Words cant explain how grateful i am to them.



Obi Somto and his assistants,Ayo and Clement

Your Favourite Blackberry addict.
I always have to reply my emails immediately and check twitter. *sighs*

P.S.;- Phone still in hand. Never leaves my sight. LOL

I love this picture. very funny
HER;- Boy,why you gotta be looking like that?
HIM:- This is my "cool guy" face.

Really thankful to all those who bought items from the Elsie Vintage Blog sale.
If you didn't get what you wanted, dont fret! Next month is another time.
Do check the post Elsie Vintage January Blog sale for the items still available.
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Hazel said...

Well done dear!

Ayodeji said...

love this..really nice

Kiki said...

fabulousssssssss, i wish i could be in nigeria so i could just BE YOUUUUUUUU. awesome rockstar!!!

loveeeeee xxxx