Friday, January 6, 2012


Yeah hunnies, I am still in shock.
Editor in chief of vogue Italia,Franca sozzani and fashion designer,Roberto Cavalli were in Nigeria to check out the fashion industry and your homegirl  got the chance to meet and be with them for a day.
When I saw Franca sozzani, I was stunned. I couldn’t speak. I stood still.
She is so petite and cute. Her outfit was so casual chic, like she didn’t need to tell the whole world that she is Vogue Italia’s Editor. She visited so many designers like Bridget awosika, Ere Dappa, Lanre da silva, Tiffany amber etc, but I gathered myself and only took pictures when we were at the Tiffany amber studio.
Check out the pictures.

Franca sozzani

Models wearing pieces by Tiffany Amber

I need to make shitloads of money,so i can buy this dress.

Franca sozzani and Tiffany Amber's creative director,Folake Coker.

Her comfy Flats. So ME!

Her son,Francesco Corrazzini. A Photographer

Franca with Beth model agency boss,Elohor aisien and the models.

She bought these cute ituen basi dolls. Yes,i followed her EVERYWHERE! LOL!

In the evening,there was a cocktail party. i didnt feel like going but thank GOD i went finally. i got the chance to take pictures with Franca and roberto cavalli. woosshh!

Franca and I.
Playsuit;- Elsie vintage
Bag;- O'eclat

Roberto cavalli and I.
That's the best hug I have received this year. :)

I am still so happy.
words can't describe it.

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Summer said...

omg! omg! omg! now thats a great way to start the year :)

Demmy said...

Wow, I wish I could be hugged by Roberto Cavalli and for a wrinkled lady Franca looks really pretty. Those Ituen Basi dolls are cute. I want one.

Bespoke Biddie said...



Nma said...

I'm sooo jealous! You must have been so excited LoL

Roseanne said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so jealous of you right now.She the way he hugged you.:o
you are so lucky!

K1K0 said...

words cannot express the jealousy. Jealousy is an understatement. I'm going to go and find happiness in a tub of icecream now. BUT I am so proud of you and happy for you! I hope you put in a good word for me regarding my cavalli internship? LOL.

love you doll

amanda archambault said...

That looks like such a fun experience!
Great post! Thanks for sharing.
Stop by and check out my new post!
xoxo, A

Barbara1923 said...

The word jealous has been over used under this post so I will say I am *green with envy*

ashi said...

wow nice!

Mbabazi said...

i know how happy this made you so im happy...fafi ee youre going places

Dressed said...

WOwzer!!!! what a way to start the year! i am officially jealous. nice 1 babes.