Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello Fashion Phoenixes,
If you live in Nigeria, You will definitely understand the title of this post. Staying indoors for a week because of the strike has messed up my system.. BIG TIME!
I mean.. how silly can the government be allowing its people stay protesting and refusing to carry out any form of labour for a week without solution.
Oh well... I am surprised that my friends and i still haven't torn each other out of our skins outta boredom. Any opportunity we got to go out was a blessing.
We just doll up,even if it's just down the street. LOL

My Fave ring... :)



Ifeanyi's arm candy. LOL

Mine. :)

and we went out like this... LOL

Since we don't know when the strike is going to be called off.. these are books i am gonna be reading to stop me from counting grain of rice in a sack or watching paint dry outta boredom. *sighs*

10 reasons not to fall in love - Linda Green

Lipstick Jungle - Candace Bushnell

Fashion Phoenix

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Demmy said...

That lipstick jungle book looks interesting. I wish I could read it. This strike is really frustrating. I can't believe it continues tomorrow.