Sunday, January 8, 2012


I was about to name this post,"Sunglasses and Advil" but realized that it sounds hella corny. LOL
In my own case,It will be Tylenol and not as a result of having fun overnight but not sleeping for a week. From one gig to another.. doing the Elsie Vintage photo shoot for the January blog sale and making sure the "Bloggers get Blushed" event went on smoothly,it was a tedious week for me.
Yesterday.. I had errands to sort out, so i had to wear sunglasses all day to cover the eyebags and a matte lip to put colour on my bland tired face.
Finally the week is over. Hibernation time for me.

Shirt;- Topman
Sunglasses;- Oliver Peoples

Arm candy
Jeans;- Denim Co

Done. Done. Done.
cant wait to share pictures from the "Bloggers get blushed" event.

Fashion phoenix


Summer said...

tired but still looking fly, cant wait for your sales either, my Lag address is ready :D xoxo

Roseanne said...

I love your jewellery!