Monday, January 23, 2012


Of course, it aint no secret that I love anything Vintage.
sometimes, I imagine being born in the 60s or 70s. The Eras of the free spirit.
My name woulda been Ophelia,Tallulah or Eartha.
For Fun, I take pleasure in sharing some vintage pictures on the @ElsieVintage twitter page. Been thinking of opening a tumblr page to share and reblog awesome vintage picture blogs, but i dont think i would be able to keep up and do it consistently.
I decided to share some fabulous pictures with y'all.

Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte. 1954

Howard university students. 1946

Remember him? Coming to America! James earl Jones. 1961

Josephine baker.

young Muhammed Ali.

Eartha Kitts. 1958

Minnie Reperton on the cover of her album, Perfect Angel

Sade Adu

Coretta King. Martin Luther king's wife. 1964

Tina Turner. 

Okay.. I'd stop here.
Do follow the Elsie Vintage twitter page ( @ElsieVintage ) for more pictures.
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Anonymous said...

i think coming to america was 1989

Mak Nisy Collection's CEO said...

vintage is so in right now and a loving you selection, so chic..
i have a vintage handmade bag on my site i designed and made... check it out at let me know what you think