Thursday, March 8, 2012


If you follow me on twitter,then i guess this rant aint new to you.
If you are a fellow student or once a student, then i guess you can feel my pain.
School is TOUGH! the fact that everyone has a different schedule/timetable is just not fair. I hardly get any sleep and have to wake up really early to get to my 8am classes. it's so funny that while i am struggling to put on my clothes and dash out the door.. my room-mate is taking her time and making pancakes for her breakfast. i MEAN, i cant remember the last time i had a proper meal. LOL
I have a messed up sleeping pattern because i study at nights and hardly get enough sleep,so i end up with eyebags. after many home-made remedies such as placing cold spoons on my eyes,placing raw tomatoes on my eyes etc. i have resulted in carefully covering them with Makeup.

I am not a makup aficionado but i think i am trying my best to get it done right. Feels weird that i am doing a beauty post,but any makeup trick that i need to know will be appreciated.
Besides.. is it RIGHT to use bronzer during the day? I used it on my face during the day and i love the result.

Powder;- Mary kay
Foundation;- Mary kay
Lip gloss;- Sleek
Kohl eyeliner;- Jordana
Mascara;- Maybelline
Eyeshadow;- Sleek (noir)
Bronzer;- Maybelline

Oh well... moving out of my comfort box and trying orange lipstick next! 

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KoredeOjo said...

You look gorg...try doing ur brows too and ur peterpan's are lovely...I love ur brogues too.

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

Thanks girl.
i aint good at drawing my eyebrows out,so i just skip them.

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

you look amazing, lovely make up.I am your old follower, pls follow back if you like my blog.

Oreo said...

Nice!! The maybelline bronzer...what shade do you use? xx

Demmy said...

I love your top and the color of your nails. So cute! xoxo Demmy