Friday, March 16, 2012


It just occurred to me that i didnt post pictures of my outfit during Arise magazine fashion week,even though i went for just 3 days out of the week. I posted the outfit of the first day wearing a print top and pallazo pants.. i failed to post the outfit of the second day because it "wasnt" really me. Don't understand? i'd explain.

Aviators;- Oliver peoples
Bangles;- Random

Recently, i have been trying to do new things.. step out of my norm.. experiment with my style and makeup. it's a well known fact that my style lean towards quirky and comfortable. I hate high heeled shoes and chunky jewelry. on the 2nd day, i decided to wear the things i hate. i wore Jeffrey Campbell wedges and chunky neck-piece/jewelry. I felt GOOD but so uncomfortable. The shoes and jewelry got love from the photographers but i was in distress. LOL
As i was suffering and smiling, My fashion friend, Terence sambo of One nigerian boy saw through my bullshit and called me out on wearing clothes that didn't depict my style at all. When the night came to an end, i went home with sores on my feet. Don't get me started on the cramps. the shoes were comfortable,i must confess. i don't know what happened.
I came back the next day wearing what suited me best. Check it out.

Print shirt;- Elsie Vintage
Dress;- Forever 21
Belt;- Elsie Vintage
Brogues;- Too lazy to go check. LOL
Earrings;- Primark

Pardon the silly grin. i always look like a 12 year old when i laugh so hard. 

I was really comfortable in this outfit. the brogues helped cover my bandaged feet so well.
I bet i'd wear high heeled shoes soon,but only for top-notch red carpet events.
On that note, learn from my experience and never wear anything that "ain't" you. Be yourself. every other person has been taken.

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Zainab Imichi Alhassan said...

Lol! I wore heels on the 5th day too, it was hell. I kept falling, my feet hurt like hell, I decided dt will be d last tym I would wear heels. I came back the next day rocking my good ol' brogues :)

Tinu said...

super cute!!! gatta be comfy at all times.

Mesmerize said...

so wonderful photos! and so chic outfit!
please visit me in free time:)

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

you look great, lovely neon colors!!!
Following you.I hope you will like my blog too.