Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello Fashion Phoenixes.
So sorry about the lack of posts. School as usual, is being such a drag. My exams are coming up this week and all i do is STUDY, STUDY, STUDY.
I took out time to have a shoot with the Elsie Vintage team for the March blog sale. Rain almost destroyed our plans but we had a good shoot. 
Recently, i have been falling in love with portraits,so i took out the photographer's reflector   and took some pictures of myself.
P.S.;- My "goofy face" pose is getting GOOOOODD!

Blouse;- Elsie Vintage
Shorts;- Levi Strauss

The march blog sale holds on the 31st of march by 12pm. the pieces will be displayed on this blog as usual.
Say a prayer for me. need to smash my exams. LOL

Fashion Phoenix


G.Schmackvoll said...

Wow ...pretty nice pictures :)

Thank you also for following ... I follow everyone back :)

You can add your comment /link and I publish it directly :)

KoredeOjo said...

Your makeup is good...nice post...success in your exams

Damola said...


vieve said...

Good luck!! you've smashed already :)

Chic Therapy said... the make up

Aydreams said...

I love this outfit too, the hairstyle and all . this shirt rock on u !

xxx Sara said...

Great pics! :D