Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hi E'eryone!
Awesome weekend,i hope?
Mine was normal as usual. . . Holed up in one corner of my room,either working or tweeting. Same ol'.
My friend,Ian had a birthday get-together and i decided to drag my bum there. I was glad i did,,because i got to see friends i hadn't seen in a while.
What's better than catching up over a bowl of ice-cream and Strawberry cheesecake. huh? NOTHING!

This was what i wore! as usual,you cant see the full outfit because there was no-one to take me a proper picture. i need to correct that ASAP!
The print on my blouse was the main focus of my outfit. I thought it was OH-SO-DOPE!
I hope you think so too.

 Vintage blouse;- Elsie Vintage


 Birthday boy, Ian,

 Ian and Tolu.


 Neon is BACK!!!! I jumped on the bandwagon with this neon green smiley face nail art!


 Tolu,Uchechi,Kunle and Edem.

 Wana and Bayo.

Awesome weekend. Thanking God for his mercies.

Fashion Phoenix.


Demmy said...

I love your nails. The cheesecake looks really delish. I want one right now! xoxo Demmy

Anonymous said...

u look rily stunning n ur nail art is Oh-so-dope :-) .. Quick Question Pls, how do we pay 4 d outfits? Is it b4 delivery or after?

Anonymous said...

hey...your blogs really cool. Is that your real natural hair or is it a weave cause i've been looking for a really good natural hair weave. If it is a weave,please where did you get it from? :)Hope youre not offended by this question

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

@anonymous1 it's payment on difference
@anonymous2 it's a weave called bohemian curls by Pro 10

Bex said...

Your shirt is to die for!!!! I simply MUST have it! FEDEX it to me like right now! It's so retro versace!