Friday, May 18, 2012


Today was an hectic day. i had plenty school/Elsie vintage errands to run.
The sun aint joking at all,so i like being in comfortable clothes so i don't get so irritated by the heat.
So sorry about my method of taking pictures. i don't ALWAYS have someone around to help me and i am too impatient to use a timer! who still uses that though? LOL!

Blouse;- Elsie vintage
Wayfarers;- Ray ban

Before i forget to add, The prints on vintage pieces are actually oh-so-dope! I couldnt believe my eyes when i found this piece. the colours,print and little bio on the roman god,Neptune is just amazing!

 The little Bio on the roman god,Neptune.

 A picture of Neptune.

 Jeans;- Denim co
ballet flats;- Primark

Little info;- We have a mini catalogue of what's in stock right now at Elsie vintage. Email to request for the link.
Also remember that this month's blog sale is gonna be holding on the 26th of may 2012.
Mark your calenders. :)

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Muse Origins said...

Love the blouse!! I have shoes just like those :D

Muse Origins

Anonymous said...

you're a very pretty girl..great fashion sense too.
but just one tip...please trying closing your mouth when you take pictures. this is coming from a good's unflattering.


Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

@museorigins thank you,hun!
@Anonymous thank you for your compliment. I actually feel that closing my mouth fully in pictures make me look funny because of my full lips,therefore a slight pout or a smile. However, I shall try to close them and see how it goes. Bad habits don't die easily! LOL

ms. mo. venice said...

I think you look great, the pout inclusive. I love the top! The neptune insciption is awesome

Ms Faustino said...

love the detail on this blouse....