Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hi everyone!
Guess who has been MIA for a week?
Between ton of school work and the shitty rainy weather. . . i am just here wishing for a chilled day when i don't have to do anything but rest and be AWESOME!
Then again... that is just a wish.
i am just gonna give y'all a quick list of things id rather be doing now with descriptive pictures.

 1) Amazing day at the beach! soaking up the sun.

 2) Being dope in this outfit.

 3) Lazy day with nothing but a t shirt on.

4) Red wine sipping.

 5) Healthy food. tired of junk.

 6) Getting a cheeky tattoo

 7) Getting swagged out in dope accessories.

 8) trying out different makeup looks.

 9) Super manicure

10) need need NEED this Jumper.

That's all folks!
Fashion Phoenix

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isokogirl said...

I feel the same way too when things get pretty hectic.just started my blog.please follow :)