Saturday, August 18, 2012


During my random visit to Facebook, i stumbled upon an ad leading to an online shopping website called Konga .
 I decided to check it out,prepared to close the tab if i wasn't interested in anything till i found out that they sold makeup.

If you have noticed, I never use eye shadow, just Eye liner. i have never stopped to think about a reason why i hate it that much,but i guess the ones i always tried made me look like a clown. 
Red and Black are the only colours allowed on my face.
Konga stocks different makeup brands but i was more interested in Zaron. . . I have worked with a zaron makeup artist,Mary jane at photoshoots and her makeup expertise is one of a kind. She used the products like they were made to suit every skintone, which they actually are.
I decided to buy a Zaron Eyeliner/Kajal to try and see if it's good... and it is. REALLY GOOD.
It's smooth... it doesnt smudge.., and Its waterproof.... Lasts the whole day till you wipe with a facial cleanser.

Zaron Eyeliner. click to buy;- HERE!

The Service at Konga is amazing. i ordered on Sunday night and got my confirmation email and calls from the service desk all before/during my 8am class on Monday.
my Delivery fee Costs N200 and i got it on Tuesday... only because i was too busy to collect it on Monday and wasnt home when the delivery man came.


Smeared it,so it can give me the raccoon look. LOL 

Check out other Zaron products;- HERE!
Other makeup brands which includes MAC,Maybelline HERE!

That's all,Folks!
want me to review or write about your brand,products etc?
Do send me an email with the subject, "MUST KNOW". Thank you.
*smiley face*

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