Thursday, October 18, 2012


Republic of Foreigner has always been a brand i admire. The pieces not only make me smile,but seem comfortable and fun to be in. A brand founded in 2010 by sisters,Carmen and Selina Sutherland design the pieces with the aim of bringing out the Freedom in all ladies. AMEN!!!!!!
Imagine how happy i was to find out that most of my fave pieces in the resort collection,Echizen was on sale on Jumia
It felt like the fashion gods definitely wanted me to have it in my  wardrobe.
Nothing makes me more happy than an item on sale... I really don't know if this behavior is the economist in me or just pure igbo blood,making me feel like every naira spent must have correct value in what i buy.
I decided to share some of my fave pieces on sale with links... incase you wanna cop one. ;)

1) Pacific Fringe Trousers;- N18500 N8500
I "heart" the ankara and fringe combo. Perfect for a day or night out. it can easily be dressed up or down.
BUY HERE:- ROF Pacific fringe trousers

2) Canonball jelly Top;- N12000 N5700
The light floaty piece with ankara detail and fringe is so cute and definitely my fave out of them all.
BUY HERE;- ROF canonball jelly top

3) Lions mane shorts;- N16000 N7800
Okay! i am definitely obsessed with fringe. This short is definitely cuteand sure to make a statement. 
BUY HERE;- ROF lions mane shorts

So there you have it!
to check out the rest of the ROF awesomeness on sale... check here;- SHOP ROF!

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Dami Akinyemi said...

in love with the fringe shorts too! <3.