Friday, December 21, 2012


This wont be my first beauty review, but i have got to admit that i have grown better in my makeup skills than last time.
My girl, Aisha introduced me to a makeup wonder called BeautyByJJ (That's her youtube channel name) and my life hasn't been the same. The girl's THAT good.
I never use any other lip color except Red and i swear by Maybelline's "Keep up the flame" 24hr lip stain. I had the Mac lipstick in my makeup purse but never used it.
I tried to move away from my comfort zone and try it. I posted a picture on Instagram and everyone loved it. A friend asked for a brighter picture,so i decided to do a review.

I had to exfoliate my lips with Olive oil and Sugar,due to the matte effect of the maybelline lip stain before using the lipstick,because it wasn't staying on smoothly.
The Lipstick's creamy and not matte like i prefer my lipsticks. The color's amazing though and i think i like the after-look. LOL
I Posted everything i used and links to some of them on Konga, So you can get them and create your own look. :)

Foundation;- Mary kay Foundation (Bronze 504)
Concealer;- Mary Kay
Contour kit;- Sleek Contour Kit
Bronzer;- Maybelline


Lip stick;- Mac Rebel Lipstick

Brow Definer;- Zaron Brow Definer


There you go!
I hope i keep experimenting with make-up and keep posting reviews on here.
Eyeshadows' next. Hopefully.

Fashion Phoenix

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Adaora Soludo said...

That lipstick looks gorgeous on you
I'm doing a giveaway on my blog, hope you check it out!

Adaora x